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Rebecca v. Alena

The novel “Alena” (2014) is a reload of the older novel, “Rebecca,” (1938). I have to preface this with some straight honesty; I love Rebecca. It was on some required reading list or another my freshman year of high school and for some reason it jumped out at me. 1,020 more words


Stark Raving Ted

Stark Raving Ted – In this cool zombie-apocalypse shooting game you take on the role of Ted, the only brave surviving hero after an outbreak has occurred in 2012. 21 more words



this outfit is sponsored by the lovely people at reload. <3
as is the picture you see in the background…

skirt: second hand, hamburg (claire.dk) 17 more words


Recalculate Expressions

Toon Boom (Harmony 10.3) has a great tool for rigging called ‘expressions’, but guess what? It doesn’t work as it should. If you ever tried using expressions in your rig you know it won’t update automatically – when you move the peg from where the expression is taking its values, the peg with the expression won’t move, unless you pretend to modify the expression and click apply, or save, close and re-open your file. 17 more words


jqGrid Functions

Set jqGrid Data :

$(“#tblJqGrid”).jqGrid(‘setGridParam’, { data: jsonObjGridData });

Clear jqGrid Data :


Show/Hide Columns :

$(“#tblJqGrid”).jqGrid(‘showCol’, ['Column1', 'Column2'];
$(“#tblJqGrid”).jqGrid(‘hideCol’, ['Column1', 'Column2'];

Resize jqGrid : 48 more words


Ayo Dapatkan Berbagai Hadiah Menarik dalam Event Lock & Get di Dizzel Reload Indonesia

Memeriahkan September yang sebentar lagi berakhir, tim Dizzel Reload Indonesia kembali menghadirkan event yang berhadiah spektakuler. Pada kesempatan kali ini tim Dizzel Reload Indonesia menghadirkan… 125 more words


Pecha Kucha21: Pretty Vacant

MOBILELAND in Pecha Kucha 21: Pretty Vacant:

Watch it here: MOBILELAND