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The war was unstoppable. It had raged back and forth for so long that the combatants had lost any conception of its meaning. Only the endless, bloody skirmishes remained, only the hourly struggle against fatigue. 759 more words

Creative Writing

The Dreams You Remember

Dreams can be REALISTIC and VIVID in detail:

You hold on tight as you fly through the air. The wind blows your hair off your face, as the giant bird on which you ride dips and turns.

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The Writer's Nook

Monday Mix Tape: The Soul Collectors

Mornin’ creeps!

I figured we’d kick this thing of right. As y’all know, thanks to Seventh Star Press, Devil’s Daughter is back in the spotlight, and its sister novel, … 300 more words

S.H. Roddey

Pale blue eyes, revisited

Sometimes I feel so happy
Sometimes I feel so sad
Sometimes I feel so happy
But mostly you just make me mad


To sleep perchance

Sleep is one of the yummiest things in life. Having a really good night’s sleep and waking refreshed is such a pleasure. I don’t know about you, but sleeping well is episodic for me. 1,255 more words

Fire Season

So I actually did assign that free-write today, and they rocked it. We talked for a full forty-five minutes about how the world would end. All on their own they realized that the end of the world and then of civilization as we know it are different, and divided their catastrophes accordingly, into man and nature categories. 845 more words

Ik ben stil

Vanavond ben ik stil.
Er zijn geen woorden voor de ramp met het vliegtuig van Malaysia Airlines. Zoveel leed. Zoveel gemis.

This evening Iam quiet. 28 more words