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Final Fantasy XII

Since Square Enix is releasing Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD for the PS4 I’m really hoping that they’re going to release an updated version of Final Fantasy XII. 65 more words


Viewed – 15 April 2014 online rental

It’s difficult to really say what we as movie lovers actually want from a remake. In my opinion they have usually only worked when the source material is ropey or lacking in the first place, with some exceptions of course. 390 more words


'Rosemary's Baby' Miniseries On The Way With Zoe Saldana [WATCH]

Roman Polanski’s controversial 1968 film adaptation of author Ira Levin’s Rosemary’s Baby with Mia Farrow in the lead, was originally four hours long.

It was eventually trimmed to the two hours and 16 minutes released in theaters, meaning much of Levin’s sprawling story had to be streamlined. 98 more words

Entertainment News

Cameron Diaz Is A Bitter, Abusive Spinstress In The 'Annie' Trailer

Adorable kids singing? Random dance scenes on rooftops and in the middle of the streets of a huge city? Cameron Diaz looking like she hasn’t slept in the three days since Alex Rodriguez kicked her out of his laundry room? 169 more words

Film Drunk


So it’s been a few weeks since I’ve really posted anything. There’s not much to report. Nothing has upset me enough to want to come rant and rave on here. 1,105 more words

King Kong (2005)

I had to sneak this movie downstairs last night. There’s nothing unusual about that—in the past I often snuck movies down to the basement rather than ask to borrow them. 2,362 more words


Robocop 2014

I saw the remake (or what I like to call a “retelling”) at the hottest movie joint in town, the Regency Theaters, Valley Plaza 6 in North Hollywood for a WHOPPING $3! 88 more words