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What do you do with items given to you by previous boyfriends that you actually sort of still like but should probably get rid of?  This is the first ever Snow Globe my now very former boyfriend gave me. 300 more words

MOVIE MONDAY! 7.21.14 Edition

Scream!  I”ve been having a marathon.. Unfortunately, in the middle of my marathon amazon decided to not make it free anymore with prime… Boo…

365 Day Challenge

Planet of the Apes (2001): A Burtonstrosity

At some point I will likely devote a longer article to the subject of adaptations and remakes, because there’s a lot of “conventional wisdom” about them I just plain don’t agree with. 1,918 more words


2014's most influential director: John Carpenter?

John Carpenter was once among Hollywood’s most prolific filmmakers. But the man who brought us such genre classics as Halloween, The Thing, Escape From New York… 1,115 more words


Dumbo live action remake

Disney is playing on making a live action version of the movie Dumbo click HERE to read all about it