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#31DaysOfHorror: Oct23

I must confess, after watching the original, I waited until after the stroke of midnight to watch the 1990 remake, Directed by FX legend Tom Savini. 467 more words

Monster Mash Madness

This post may not be a review, but hopefully it’s still entertaining. This little diddy was found poking around on the internet. I found it amusing since I grew up hearing the original Monster Mash nonstop during Halloween time. 62 more words


67. The Departed

The first two R-rated movies I saw in theatres were The Departed, and No Country for Old Men. I think after that it was riff-raff — I never saw… 397 more words

BBPX Top 100

Dexter Redding Performs “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long”

Did you know that Otis Redding has a son? His name is Dexter Redding and he performs his father’s classic, “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long”. Read More

New Artist

Remake News of the Day

Ever since Hawaii 5-0 has been rebooted, producers are trying to jump on the bandwagon of remake success. Only most of them don’t make it and fall on their fannies instead. 83 more words


Mark Wahlberg Is 60 Pound Lighter As A Prafessah Of Fack You In 'The Gambler'

Mark Wahlberg famously lost 60 pounds (going from 197 to 137, reportedly) to star in The Gambler, a remake of a James Caan film from 1974, but as Wahlberg freely admitted, an even bigger challenge was that his character was supposed to be a professor. 219 more words

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