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On fact in fiction; motherhood and homelessness

People often ask me what personal experiences have contributed to my fiction. That’s not always an easy question to answer. Everything contributes, but nothing contributes as a whole. 436 more words


Things I Thought While Watching Jennifer's Body

Ok so it’s been weeks since I watched that movie, but I just found a document on my computer in which I documented my thoughts while watching it and I found them pretty hilarious – and true. 362 more words

Awesome Stuff

What Not to Say to a Writer or Author

WARNING: This is a rather long post in which I rant about stuff that won’t make much sense unless you’re an author/writer.  And if you’re easily offended, fuck off.  2,022 more words

I Speak No English

After reading some of your blogs I see now that I am able to write more than I have, per post. First, I write with an eighth grade education, but I’m fairly sharp and will probably be able to blend in somewhat. 167 more words


Being In Total Control, Honey!

Strong women…I like being around them…I was raised by one.

The next few posts are as much for me as for you, as I like to visit and occupy some time here too. 79 more words


A Poem To Kevin (1981)

I see from the WordPress news that April is Poetry Month. Not much of a poet myself, but I have written one or two in my time. 158 more words


I Don't DO Drugs...I AM Drugs

A quote from Salvador Dali; “I don’t do drugs, I am drugs!”. Have you ever met someone like that? There are people I have met who are addictive for me to be around. 168 more words