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Dandelion Coconut Muscle Relief Oil

This year, I have put no energy, whatever, into ridding my space of dandelions. In fact, I have put them to work for me!

This kitchen magic: … 212 more words

Replacements For Storebought Items

Dragon's Blood Tree Sap - Sangre de Drago

The Sangre de Drago tree has been used for centuries by Amazon Rainforest natives.

It offers what is believed to be one of the strongest antioxidants in the world, consisting of 90% proanthocyanidins, the same substance found in grape seeds. 176 more words


What are homeopathic layers?

“Doc, why isn’t my eczema gone yet?  You’ve been treating me for months!!  I give up on homeopathy!”

The problem is that you’ve got LAYERS of illnesses.   823 more words


Prince Amongst Thieves

I love Thieves oil by Young Living. I have to rave about it, I don’t mean to do the hard sell or anything but this is a must have if you are going to buy just a couple of good quality essential oils. 417 more words

Natural Ingredients

How to Improve Prostate Health

The prostate is a small gland found in men, near their bladders. Many men experience prostate problems, and as they get older it is important to watch for signs of prostate cancer. 374 more words


Healing Essentials


Childbirth is a beautiful thing but also comes with lots of pains, twinges, and ouches!! I’ve compiled a list of some remedies that can help and maybe take at least SOME of the pain away. 409 more words