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The Secret Diary of Sue Townsend Aged 68 and 3/4

Imagine losing the tools of your trade? Sue Townsend, blind due to diabetes, had resorted to dictating her novels though it’s certain she would’ve rather had her sight. 68 more words


Richard Hamilton, the man who created Pop

If you stated Richard Hamilton was the creator of Pop Art, you’d be one of the few. We were surprised too. The Red-lipped One and I wandered round the exhibition where we came across a small placard detailing his rise to fame and, in particular, his use of the word Pop to describe his art. 132 more words


Clerkenwell by night, textures, acid light

Some areas are made for night. Secret alleyways, abandoned buildings, mysterious figures hidden behind windows… really Clerkenwell is London’s horror film set.

The smell of the city is thick here. 312 more words


This London cafe will make you cry with joy…

I guarantee this cafe will bring back a few memories. OK, the coffee’s crap (instant), the tea ain’t much better, but I’ll give a million pounds you can’t get this experience anywhere else. 220 more words


Recitation is key.

Alright lads and lasses, as the main proprietor for the first half of the year has taken ill with an abundance of life, I will stand in for a few weeks and supply some simple yet life changing challenges. 206 more words

Weekly Challenge

Ramsay Street, the Italian Connection

Haberfield in Sydney is just one of a string of Italian suburbs that dot the inner west. When your family has married into first and second generation immigrants from that Latin realm, you get to know these areas quite well. 240 more words