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Two types of people in the world...

Two types of people in the world…
There’s always two…
Me and you…

She said the wrong words…
All of the time…
And he’d correct the strands… 522 more words


Blood Stains

I hate myself

When I hate you

It’s got nothing to do

With your pride

All I feel is guilt

The walls that you built… 213 more words


Mourners gather to remember ex-Gov. Sanders

ATLANTA (AP) – Mourners gathered Saturday at an Atlanta church to honor former Gov. Carl Sanders and his efforts to improve civil rights in Georgia. 122 more words


Reminiscent Stepping Stones

Dark.  Early morning blackness shrouding the streets,

the streets I used to drive, the trails I used to walk.

the sun starts to rise and all of the used-to’s become lit, 258 more words

A Lost Pearl

Picture Male Tufted Humming Bird by Ray

Writing Prompt: Write about something lost

A Lost Pearl

The last time I saw her, she was young; youth sparkled in her eyes. 494 more words

Baby Boomer


When I wake tomorrow

I won’t remember

The way you smiled

At the sight of me

Or the sound of your laughter

When I stumbled… 233 more words


A random memory.

I remember this old dog house my dad took from a property that was going to be leveled for a suburban Street.
I remember the late summer afternoons walking through the yard. 36 more words