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Don't Get Distracted!

There is my tassel. It is tied to my computer bag and whenever I see it, it has sort of a calming influence on me. It reminds me that He is my God and I am His child. 316 more words


I Need a Brain Boost, You Too?

  I have not seen anyone really do this, but we each have little ways to help us remember. What is yours? Note on the calendar? Sticky note? 161 more words


10 Crafts You Remember From Kindergarten by Decorationzy

When you consider back, you most likely bear in mind these crafts from your own childhood. Now it’s time to introduce your youngsters to those favorites that have been around for generations. 36 more words

TBT | Relax Wave 12

With this playlist, our Relax Wave went through a few changes in order to provide a even deeper relaxation state in our listeners. If you follow us closely and since the begining, you probably noticed the change. 54 more words


Throwback Thursday: Ode to Alaska


For what a lot of folks call “Throwback Thursday”, I’m going to post a few old film shots of a place near and dear to my heart.   1,091 more words


Black Magic Vinyl

I grew up with technology.

When I was six I got my first PC. A big but lovely Compaq, a piece of vintage art with its iconic Windows XP. 491 more words