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The good things in life

There is just something cleansing about a good rain. After the downpour, the weather cools down and sometimes you get to see a rainbow.

This is a reminder to me that sometimes you just can’t see past that sheet of rain pounding down on the cement, but you know eventually it will end. 47 more words

Maia 0.44 update adds medical treatment and molerat

Maia, in case you’d forgotten, is a sci-fi colony sim.  And not having played Maia, watching #videos of Simon Roth explaining new and changed #features, particularly when his game looks so relaxing and atmospheric looks amazing. 219 more words

Linux Game News

A big kid trapped in a little kid's body

In a reversal of Big, the Tom Hanks classic from the 80s, your adult self is suddenly locked in the body of a 12-year-old kid.

141 more words

Poem for Strangers

Lola sells cassava in front of her house
Never in my life I bought one
Because I don’t like it as my breakfast.

She also sells boiled bananas… 140 more words


Red Deer Memories

I remember the heavenly scent of  lilac hedges
and yellow Caragana flowers
on our way home from school.

And Bleeding Heart bushes
in someone’s front yard. 54 more words

Living Simply

Remember me

Remember me by yesterday
For today is today
and tomorrow is to come

Remember me by yesterday
Cause tomorrow we can predict
and today we can live… 37 more words

In This Moment

summer we remember

how it always is a blur

and how it storms and moves

at a quick pace

and what are the glances

and what are the things… 53 more words