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Isn't it weird in America

Isn’t it weird that in AMERICA… our flag and our culture offend many people… but our benefits don’t?
I pulled this from a post it in Facebook and never have words been so true. 658 more words


Being A Grandma

Being a grandma is:

Finding a police car under your pillow
and a juice cup under your quilt.
Caring more for little boy smiles
than clean windows. 107 more words

Living Simply

Come let us go up

Isaiah 2 vs 3. “Come, let us go up to the house of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob. He will teach us His ways, so that we may walk in His paths”. 508 more words



I can feel my cells dying their slow death.
The one that takes a lifetime.
It is the way of the flesh.
Mind in every cell. 27 more words

My Poetry

Just Homework and play

Imagine yourself in a very young age in a place where you had it all, including happiness and yes what the hell it might sound corny but that’s exactly how you were supposed to feel. 67 more words

I said it looked like rain.

She always told us to use a tablecloth.
Now that she’s not here anymore, it’s funny that we eat off something naked.
Even though this irony suits me just fine, she’s there at every meal. 124 more words


Shadow Days

I lit my best friend’s funeral pyre when I was fifteen.

It was one of those dark and cloudy days, when the weather was somewhat confused between gloom and grief, and thus became a carrier for a sick mingling of both sentiments that drizzled down upon us in the wee beginnings of the dreary monsoon. 942 more words