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My most shameful moment (or the only one I’ll admit to) happened sometime in 1974, I think. I was working in a golf club as a barmaid-come-waitress-come-slave but I quite liked it and the boss was an attractive older man with streaks of white hair at his temples. 324 more words


I Can't Believe It's Been Two Years

I write this post, first and foremost, with a heavy heart. A close family friend of mine has recently passed away after her own battle with cancer. 479 more words

Riding in Trains (and thinking about those dead and gone)

Have you ever been on a train? I don’t mean on a tram or through your city’s public transportation, I mean a proper train ride with assigned seats and a dining car. 384 more words

General Thoughts

Remembering Hosea Bennett

Last Friday our good friend Hosea Bennett passed into glory and we miss him dearly.

Grandpa Bennett sauntered into our lives when I needed a weekend retreat and, with Donald Grier, travelled to Fargo ND to stay for a few days.   360 more words


Remembering when he was a baby

Where does the time go ?

Seems like just yesterday my baby was new-born and now he’s a year old plus a few days I meant to write this post earlier but time has a way of just slipping away ………. 254 more words

Everyday Life

Misremembering music: An introspective

Music is a part of day to day life for all of us. As the times pass by, though, we conclude that music has somehow decayed from the halcyon days when every song was a hit and every hit was a masterpiece. 293 more words

Good Music

100 Years Later - And Still No Wiser?

The past few months have been full of reminders of the events in the summer of 1914 that drove Europe to the most destructive war ever seen by man to that date. 416 more words

Fiction And Other Truths