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I Almost Remembered

The reality of humanity is quasi memory.
Dubious writings from statues long dead,
which we refer to as truth as it floods our heads.
I am not saying nothing happened, 152 more words


The Old Library

I can recall as a kid in the early 80’s, our town of about 350-400 people had a fairly small library located on the corner of our “main street”. 467 more words

Squash Court

So a friend played squash sometimes, because people seem to get into weird sports at uni and then keep doing them, I guess. This guy played squash, and was into it, and we were talking once and I said I never had, so he said he could show me if I wanted, so I said yep, okay. 805 more words


One Month

My Beautiful Boy,

It has been one month since you joined our household. Of course you were always (at least for the last nine months) a part of our home but physically speaking, I’ve been holding you, kissing you, feeding you, feeling your tiny fingers wrap around a single one of mine for one month. 641 more words


The End

The Christian has this insight everyday: we know the end.

Yet, do we live in the knowledge of the end? Do we spend our hours, and days, and weeks as a reflection of the end? 459 more words



Moving for the sake of motion.

stolen washing,
a fight in the garden.

10. I remember forcing myself to forget about the time my Jack Russell was killed. 161 more words

The presence of self-remembering

I sometimes forget that I am an eternal presence. Just over four years ago, I had a small epiphany and made a connection more with what I call my “eternal presence” – the essence of my soul or spirit who came to live in this body and experience this life – who knows that I have always existed and always will and knows that I am a part of the ultimate divine being (God/Spirit) and remain connected. 256 more words

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