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I Think I Got Some Of Grandma Stuck On My Shoe

Yesterday, my family gave Grandma an official goodbye. Her ashes were spread out in the Atlantic Ocean off of our little island in Maine. If this is illegal, at the time we had no idea so please do not prosecute us! 751 more words


A flash of memory (Haiku Friday - it's back!)

In Paris I had
a glory walk – end of day,
downhill, bread in hand

Haiku Friday

Striking Gold - Director's Cut

I’ve asked 2 good friends and loyal readers to share their favorite blog posts.  Over the next few months, I will be sharing their thoughts and insights that they have shared with me regarding some of these posts.  842 more words

Thursday Thoughts: On Death

~This journey to becoming a writer is uncovering the many layers of my mind. Some of those layers are very dark and sometimes disturbing.

I’ve unfortunately experienced a lot of death in my life so maybe that’s why I have such morbid thoughts from time to time. 587 more words


Remembering & Music

Today I woke up to a phone call from my friend Nyla Carpentier. I went back to sleep because if I don’t really have to wake up early I typically struggle to do so. 195 more words

Why Do I Keep Thinking about You?

You, with your dark thick hair.
You, with your oversized glasses.
You, with that smug grin that made me want to strangle you and see it at the same time. 201 more words


The Library of Alexandria in Our Minds

“Archive” to Derrida is simply the memory. It is the place inside the brain where all our memories are stored and kept for later retrieval. The best metaphor of this archive and example provided by Derrida is the archons who “their home, in that place which is their house (private house, family house or employee’s house), that official documents are filed (2) and in that metaphor, the house is the hippocampus of the brain, it is in our bodies and the documents are our memories that we store personally. 694 more words

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