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It’s 1:06 in the morning, and the past 24 hours have been some of the longest 24 hours in my life. I’ve been packing, organizing, cleaning, and saying goodbye to far too many people. 493 more words


Poetry month - poem nineteen

Untitled by K.M.

An indeligible truth
Failed trying to bridge
Between mind and body
Cursing the weaknesses
Of their design.
Long forgotten wanderings
Remembered, and polished… 8 more words


Looking Back To Marceline

My mom’s parents were from the Marceline/Brookfield, Missouri area. I remember (seemingly) long car rides from my hometown “back home” to Marceline. My mom’s mom, “Nanny,” always insisted on the car ride, particularly around “Decoration Day,” when we would go put flowers on the graves of her parents, her brothers, her aunts, and many other relatives that she remembered, but I never knew. 65 more words



Ten years ago today I expanded.

Ten years ago today I was Stephanie Tipton Anderson and suddenly (well not so much suddenly but hours later) I was ¬†instantly turned into “MOMMY”. 431 more words


A Visit Home

I almost titled this post, “When Googly Eyes Don’t Work.”

Last night I was feeling sad, for a thousand different reasons, and for no reason at all. 633 more words


The blue balloon

I bought a blue balloon today. Light blue in colour, the closest to a turquoise colour that I could find. The balloon, filled with helium, cost me the grand total of a dollar.  378 more words

I wrote a love song for the sun
And lo! He kissed my cheek.
I danced a dance beneath the moon
And she began to weep. 71 more words