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Twelve Oh Six

It is only in the past year or so that I have been learning to be able to apply my will in such a way that it takes me where I want to go. 1,240 more words

Creative Process


Memories. You can taste them.

Tastes bring them back, in fact. Tastes and smells. Smells do it so accurately – a hand cream or shampoo or floor cleaner and I can almost see the place from my childhood where I smelled it then. 1,861 more words

Word Tasting Notes

Some Light Reading

The world record for the longest novel ever published goes to A la recherche du temps perdu by Marcel Proust. It was published in 13 volumes beginning in 1912. 55 more words



In the book I’m reading, I come across this passage:

There is the old story of Somerset Maugham reading Proust while crossing the desert by camel, and to lighten his load he tore out each page after reading both sides and let it fall behind him—one wants to say the wind was involved, but on most days there was no wind.

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Swann's Way

All right, first things first. I won’t read another Proust for a really long time. It is slow, dark, gloomy, iridescent and at certain times exhilarating. 750 more words

In Search Of Lost Time

Life, Words, Things 2: S

There is a great deal of backstory packed into this plastic S, and I find myself exhausted by the prospect of writing it all out: how it came to pass that I went to Florida with my parents again in 1993, how I was secretly nursing a broken heart, how we went to what I believe was an orchid plantation, and how I would feel very differently about visiting a plantation now, after twenty years in the States. 818 more words

Creative Process

The Psychology of Lost Causes by Robyn Armstrong Bowles

The Atlantic published a thought provoking column titled How To Walk Away, by Heidi Grant Halvorson on May 14th, 2013.

The article deals with the psychology of lost causes. 889 more words