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My second week of Proust

This second week was far more invigorating than the first. One is impelled to wonder if his work was constructed in this manner so that only those willing to trudge through the journey would have the ability to revel in its glory. 319 more words

My first week of Proust

Ponderous, self-indulgent, a series of impressions.

One cannot, as of yet, speak of a plot. I suspect this shall remain the case.

A book written for himself alone. 50 more words

'remembrance of things past'. . .

Marcel Proust sure had it right.

Many things, like the petite madeleine cake for him, evoked innumerable fond memories of times past that had meaning and import to his life and the society he lived in. 126 more words

Life & Spirit

Twelve Oh Six

It is only in the past year or so that I have been learning to be able to apply my will in such a way that it takes me where I want to go. 1,240 more words

Creative Process


Memories. You can taste them.

Tastes bring them back, in fact. Tastes and smells. Smells do it so accurately – a hand cream or shampoo or floor cleaner and I can almost see the place from my childhood where I smelled it then. 1,861 more words

Word Tasting Notes

Some Light Reading

The world record for the longest novel ever published goes to A la recherche du temps perdu by Marcel Proust. It was published in 13 volumes beginning in 1912. 55 more words