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Throwback Thursday: Swan Lake, circa 1996

I danced…. for years. If I could find a dance class in my area for adults that didn’t make me be in a recital, I would so have signed up. 148 more words


Goodnight, Dad

I remember your strong hands and your gentle soul

Your quiet strength and your infinite control

The way you were ready to catch me, should I fall… 156 more words


The Next Four Years

Jonathan Boff expressing, far more concisely that I ever could, one coping strategy to get through the next four years – well worth your time. 16 more words



The Whales are calling me again.

The Humpback, with his haunting Song is reminding me

Of a promise I made long ago, far away.

Once before I heard this Song, and it awakened me to remembrance. 30 more words


It's About Beauty, Man: My Film-Fueled Friendship with Jazz Legend Charlie Haden

by Eddie Muller

Movies brought Charlie Haden and me together. Specifically, it was a Sunday night double-bill at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, May 13, 2001—a pairing of two John Alton-photographed noirs, … 2,467 more words


Shaykh Shabrawi on the Path of the People (al-Qawm)

The path of the People [al-qawm] is ardour and effort. Those who earnestly expend their effort obtain everything that they desire, while those delay and neglect are obstructed on the road. 298 more words


WWI Public Commemorative Ceremony

Thursday July 31

On behalf of Blake Goldring, Founder and Chair of Canada Company, you are invited to a special evening to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the beginning of the First World War. 84 more words