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Return Journey

The train gains momentum as it moves down the tracks. I am not so fond of trains as when I was a boy. Then they seemed like an adventure; now only a necessity. 125 more words

Summer Remembrances Of The Yuba River

Shadows stretch languidly
fluid rivulets groove into granite.
Time passes with no words.

Echoes reverberate against box canyon walls.
Foam spray on mossy stones.
Driftwood collects in swirling eddies. 55 more words

"O Jogo da Amarelinha" of the artistic girls.

“O Jogo da Amarelinha” of the artistic girls. Tania T M Castro, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2014.

“Jogo da Amarelinha” is a game for girls. They make the layout designed in this painting and jump across the squares to get to heaven (the rounded curve drawn at one end of the track). 121 more words

First post

Well, I have done it. I have officially created a blog. Hmmm…. I’m not sure what to say. Hey? Hi? How’s it going? I guess I want to make my blog more inspirational than that though. 119 more words


History All Around

I love history. I love good stories, and history is all about the stories. Those stories are all around us, if we will just take the time to listen. 546 more words


tenth remembrance: what to do when people hurt you

*We don’t struggle against men, but against principalities (evil spirits, demons with “authority” over certain things/areas). So, when we are hurt by “evil men”, or even by those who love us (and whom we love), it is not they who we are struggling against, but principalities and evil influences. 63 more words


Small and Polite and Good Mannered

I’m beginning to feel normal again, but of course, the insurance company is going to make me switch meds again. But that’s in the next month, not today, so I’m going to live day to day at this point. 2,746 more words

Taking Care Of Oneself