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Home Tour in Old Town

THERE HAVE BEEN YEARS WHEN FIVE HOUSES HAVE BEEN PART OF THE CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE tour in Carrollton, Miss., but let’s face it — too many! 705 more words


Holiday Remembrances

With the holidays upon us, so many thoughts
We try to remember our family and friends
We don’t forget them at other times it’s true… 133 more words


Dining at Tutti's, Never Know Who You'll Meet!

WHO ALL KNOWS SOMEONE A BODY KNOWS, AND WHAT’RE THE CHANCES OF CLICKING DURING A CHANCE ENCOUNTER AT A LOCAL EATERY? Today at lunch it was Elaine Lishman, a friend from Avalon, the one Mississippi John Hurt sang of, and the one Narmour & Smith fiddled about way back when. 363 more words


Two Front Porch Ladies of the Carrolltons, Bella and Paulette

CARROLLTON AND NORTH CARROLLTON, MISS., ARE SISTER TOWNS ACROSS THE BIG SAND CREEK FROM THE OTHER, and there’s a lingering touch of rivalry going along with the sense of belonging. 510 more words


Training for Christmas Fun

When someone finds out that I’m a model railroad aficionado, most of the time, it brings a sort of tolerant half-smile. That changes at Christmas. Tell someone you’re into model trains at this time of year, and their eyes will invariably light up, and they’ll say, “Oh, that’s so cool!” And you’ll hear a great story about a parent or some other loved one, a long-gone Lionel or other train set, and some wonderful memories. 1,025 more words


What is it about that Jolly Man in Whiskery Red?

THINKING ABOUT CHRISTMASES PAST PROMPTED SHARING SOME PICTURES OF LAST WEEKEND’ PRE-CHRISTMAS events near home on County Road 121. The children got to sit on the red-suited man’s knee, if they wanted, and Melanie Shelton first told some stories to the little ones. 493 more words


Brinkmans Driving South for Winter from Canada

THEY WEREN’T GEESE, BUT THE BRINKMANS WHO STOPPED IN FOR LUNCH TODAY (Dec. 10) at 4K are from Canada! It was George’s first time in the “interesting” locale in which wife Betty Ann Neal Brinkman has roots, but Betty Ann has visited relatives in Carroll County frequently, during formative years, in which she played with the late Leta Beth Beck Brownlow; the late Durwood Herbert; the late Mike Ball; and Bobby Reagan and Cyril Dean Brownlow Misskelley, both of whom are still very much “with us”. 277 more words