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Happy Birthday, Dad

Harry Louis Garison, Sr. – known to his friends as “Buddy” – was born August 25, 1928, in Orange County, Texas, the second son of Stanley and Mazura Linscomb Garison. 799 more words


Berlin Wall

In 1989, I was living in Germany when the Berlin Wall came down. This week in 1961 over a period of several days, the wall was first erected to keep freedom away from communist-controlled East Berlin. 57 more words


Celebrating Frank Wilkinson's Life & Work

He was the Johnny Appleseed of the First Amendment, sowing the seeds of liberty  in every city of the county.

- Kit Gage, Director Emeritus, Defending Dissent Foundation…

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When Live-Saving Turns Life-Threatening

The wound and the eye are one and the same. From the psyche’s viewpoint, pathology and insight are not opposites—as if we hurt because we have no insight and when we gain insight we shall no longer hurt.

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Finn's Music


It starts like all the others; far too early.
Remembering the night before, the last night.
Leaving The Step-down Unit which was
not ICU but not a regular ward either, 284 more words


Remembering Robin Williams

2014 may come to be known as the year the talent died. Certainly, it’s been a tough eight months so far. Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Rik Mayall. 575 more words


Twisting the Night Away: Friday Twistioneers

Ever wake up in a funk? Worse, if you woke up where this person did… 165 more words