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Legend of Korra Remembrances review/thoughts on Nickelodeon

By now we’ve all heard the news, that Nickelodeon cut the budget for Korra by a whole episode and so we got this,  a clip episode, disappointing for fans as we enter the final stretch, but it was deemed necessary by the creators. 626 more words



Still my heart
Still my hands

Bright your eyes
Bright your mind

Last time out
Lasted short

Waited blue
Waited for you… 33 more words


Just A'Singing

IT WAS THIRD SUNDAY NIGHT IN-CONGREGATIONAL SINGALONG, November 16. There must have been some trepidation for others than myself, as we knew our preacher, Bro. Joseph Sansing, wouldn’t be there: doctor’s orders, he was to relax and be ready for certain medical testing to come early the following morning. 428 more words


Thinking of Rick Bragg, the Delta, New York Times, Stringing...

IT’S A COLD, CRISP DAY IN THE HILLS of Mississippi, Carroll County, and over lunch I was trying to persuade a fellow sometime scribbler (with talent, I stress, though Big Gary Bankston is likely to shrug such epithets off, describing himself as a redneck in whose opinions nobody’s really interested) to attend a reading and book signing late this afternoon, 5:30, at Turn Row in Greenwood by Rick Bragg. 395 more words


Promises you've made to others

Do you keep your promises? Or, in other words, can you remember any promise that you haven’t kept?

Who can’t?

We all have broken our word at one time or another. 313 more words

Christian Living

Mako tries to train Prince Wu in this clip from Legend of Korra, Book 4, Episode 8: Remembrances

Woohoo more Prince Wu. I don’t know which pairing I’m enjoying more, Prince Wu and Mako or Bolin and Varrick.


Remembrances of Trials Past

JOHN PITTMAN HEY OF GREENWOOD, MISS., sent out a news blurb via e-mail yesterday, Nov. 13, 2014, announcing the decision of the Mississippi Supreme Court to uphold the most recent trial of Curtis Giovanni Flowers in Montgomery County Circuit Court in the murders of his former employer, the late Bertha Tardy of Tardy Furniture Co., downtown Winona, Miss., in 1996, as well as of three of her other employees. 238 more words