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A Necessary Reminder

Scripture Reading: Philippians 3:1; 2 Peter 1:12

Post it notes (lots of them).
Scribbled pen on my hand.
Notifications on my phone.
A to do list. 394 more words


These Adorable Animal Buds Remind Us That Best Friends Love Us Just The Way We Are

Who says animals, even different kinds, can’t be best friends? In fact, their playful interactions with each other can teach us a little something about our own friendships: None of us are exactly the same, yet we all share commonalities, and the things that bring us together as friends…


By C. P. Hia

God remembered Noah, and every living thing, and all the animals that were with him in the ark. —Genesis 8:1… 274 more words

A Bit of Spring in a Poem

If you are a follower of the blog then you know that I am not really a sonnet type of poet however there are exceptions. This aptly named piece by Alice-Dunbar-Nelson is one of them. 196 more words


Whenever you are alone, remind yourself that the Almighty has sent everybody away so that it's only you and Him.

 Whenever you are alone, remind yourself that the Almighty has sent everybody away so that it’s only you and Him.
 Cada vez que usted está solo, recuerde que el Todopoderoso ha enviado a todo el mundo de distancia de manera que sólo tú y él. 210 more words


Guest Post: Balancing Being with Doing

By Coach Caroline Gavin

Image courtesy num skyman at www.freedigitalphotos.net

Purposeful Pathway is the haven for faith-based entrepreneurs. Part of my mission is equipping faith-based businesses with information that is practical, actionable and Scriptural. 900 more words

Guest Post

Make Empathy

…then world would be a better place…