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The gratitude I owe for forgetfulness, is slower than the pace at which I cannot remember, reminding me of my poor recollection, thereby making me more grateful to it.

Home is here

Your place is here
And lest you forget and
Uncertainty brings fear,
I’ll be here to remind you:
Your place is here.
As storms gather and threaten… 82 more words


Parashah Vayishlach (He sent) Genesis 32:3 - 36:43

Verse 32:11 stood out to me in this Torah portion, as a reminder not only of God’s trustworthiness, but also of the fact that we can bring God to task by reminding him of His promises. 652 more words



And they wanted to remind me, again this year… that he’s here, the one to fix everything to right and who called me the queen… It is December again.


Prose Poem

Let Me Remind You - Common Sense & Etiquette

Welcome to LetMeRemindYou.com – A common sense & Etiquette blog for the modern world.

Our goal for this blog is to take everyday situations that frustrate, annoy, anger & confuse most people and lay out the proper way you should deal with …

Educational Technology Tools for Teachers

This is a list of five educational technology tools that I find to be beneficial for teachers and to be used in the classroom; Storybird, Edmodo, Remind, Prezi, and Flickr. 514 more words


My progression in making Comics...

Hi. I just went through my first sleepless night yesterday and as a creator I’m very proud of it. Very recently I’ve just made some adjustments to my blog which is upon you to comment on how it looks? 462 more words