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How did this less-than-glamorous edtech company snag one of Facebook's coveted engineering directors?

Over at edtech company Remind101, founders — and brothers — Brett and David Kopf are popping metaphorical champagne. They went fishing in the depressing waters of San Francisco’s hyper-competitive engineering pool and managed to hook themselves a big, fat, coveted trout by the name of… 759 more words


Get Attached to Your Parent & Student Reminders

Remind101 now has the ability to attach content in your messages to parents & students, completely free.  I love this one-way communication tool for the sake of privacy & lets face it, it eliminates the paper trail. 139 more words



As part of the learning activities this week, we looked how ICTs can be used to enhance learning through reading the Decoding Learning report and exploring one of the 150 innovations mentioned. 456 more words

Embracing Mobile Learning

Teachers should embrace mobile learning because mobile learning allows learning to take place anywhere, at anytime. Mobile learning is a direction in which learning is headed, why not be a part of it from the beginning? 692 more words

Nothing like a power outage to snap you out of a funk.

I rarely have a bad day at work.  Ok, ‘bad day’ might be the wrong phrase… I rarely experience a bad mood at school.  That’s better.   540 more words


It's About The Connections!

Thoughts from Mrs. Moses

One question, Are you connected? Ok so maybe two, How do you utilize your connections? I’m on my couch at home sick as I write this and I’m still connected to educators locally and around the world. 552 more words