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Remington Product Recall

If you own a Remington 700, you should check to see if it was part of the recall.


April 11, 2014…

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Remington Volume & Curl Airstyler - review | Amriaa

Since it’s dark and rainy here I couldn’t go out to take pictures for you, so I decided to review my new REMINGTON AIRSTYLER instead, after I’ve tried it for the last few days. 658 more words

Product Review

Secrets Remington PG350 Precision Deluxe Rechargeable Personal Grooming Kit

Grooming your pet is an important part of being a responsible pet owner. That said, there is more to grooming your pet than simply running a brush over it’s coat. 311 more words

Puppy Mill's Publicity

It’s no secret that those involved with puppy mills deserve a special place in hell.  The sheer cruelty of confined, underfed, neglected, and over bred dogs that are forced to endure that ‘life’ is no where short of evil.  296 more words


Ten Ways to Get Ready For Summertime With Your Pooch

Ahhh at last, the ski resorts are closing down as they come to the end of their season.  This is the first tell-tale sign of Spring and Summer.  467 more words


Whats the best starting razor..

Okay, So you are now growing facial hair. I remember the day I bought my first shaver to get rid of that hair on my top lip. 490 more words

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