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Summer is already sending heat into our house this year and on occasion we’ve been running air-conditioners to get some sleep.  What did we ever do without air-conditioners? 1,131 more words

Inside Lianne's Brain

Photo of the Week

Joan Tuckey and Jo Adnams, Friends and volunteers, in the Barn Shop in 1987.


Titles and Text In The Past

Handed in an essay yesterday. I sure hope the title was okay. I changed the title since my first draft. I was told that my title was too vague so it should be more specific towards my argument on my last essay. 258 more words


Sushi-Maki Love Story

The letters tho. Makes me miss you.

I say I’m liking other people, I say I have moved on, but whenever I think of you I realize I’m always wrong. 53 more words



This date is kinda important for me. It’s the anniversary of our promise. It was supposed to be February 1st 2019 though. But you requested to lessen it by two years. 86 more words



If fiery red leaves can survive the cloudy chill of the days why am I withering away into the nothingness of my life. I had a fire in me once, like this. 173 more words


Memories of Maritime Leith

I’m really excited to be starting a new oral history project with Trinity House Maritime Museum and Historic Scotland. This is Trinity House:

In Leith, just down from the Kirkgate Centre it holds a treasure trove of nautical objects, photos and records. 282 more words