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What If

Disasters in love always send me back into reminiscence about missed connections – about those once-off encounters, fascinating conversations and deep instant connections with a stranger I will never see again. 672 more words


A Korean Flashback #1: Where the Kitties Get No Pity

Lately a few fellow early birds I run into as I make my rounds between seaside sunrise and coffee shop have asked how the morning’s snapping went and then hit me with “So, what do you with the pictures?” And I always mumble something about the blog, and personal satisfaction, and more tangible options along the line when I have some money — but mostly what I do with them is edit. 1,055 more words



Hello, I’m David Savill. I’ve worked for almost 20 years to develop the creative practice of Reminiscence Arts – the term I devised in order to help the arts establishment better understand that reminiscence by the teller naturally lends itself to and is at the heart of, creative expression. 125 more words


A memory like a sieve

Etch, v.

be permanently fixed in someone’s memory

Mia brushed a tear from her eyes as she left the house, looking back at it one last time. 525 more words


Training Partners: The Karate Kid


I met the Karate Kid while we were actually training in Capoeira. A SoCal boy, like in the film, he had that laid back attitude and beach boy looks.* Some say he looks like a certain movie star, others say that he looks like my younger brother. 1,330 more words


Entry 5: Comfort Zone: On the Other Hand

Okay, it’s official, I can’t maintain an hourly schedule even if it kills me (I was very hungry yesterday).

So I got to reminiscing about my past as “short-pants Louis”, and among my scattered pieces of memories were: Barney the Purple dinosaur, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Sesame Street (huh, maybe I watched a bit too much TV as a kid…), and nanny tutoring me before I got into grade school. 635 more words


My Yugo Affair

The used Ford Fiesta I purchased in Queens, New York in 1987 was a lemon. The previous owner wasn’t trying to cheat me out of $600; neither of us know how worn-out the car really was. 1,460 more words