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Night at the Playboy Club

The year was 1972 or 1973, and we spent an evening at a Playboy Club. I’m not sure what we expected. Hugh Hefner look-alikes surrounded by adoring Bunnies? 786 more words



In 1963 Greg went to junior high—the eighth grade—in a Department of Defense “Dependents School” in Hanau, Germany. Of course, back then, we simply called it the “Army School.” He recalls that year fondly, remembering good teachers, amiable classmates, and (at least it seemed so to a 13-year old), a good education. 443 more words


The oak tree and other perils*

There were places you didn’t go. Places heavy with the possibility of guilt. Places you stared at from a distance, drilling your eyes into the forbidden spot, but up close you cast your eyes down in case you were turned to stone or worse, rejected. 440 more words


Page 14

They’d stood for a moment outside a small shop. He remembered that. He remembered deciding that the day was over. He remembered how he’d set out to make sure it would be. 53 more words


Friendship Without Borders

Today we spent a delightful afternoon with two friends from Spain, met over ten years ago on an academic visit to Granada. We had a long, leisurely lunch (with coffee and dessert of course), followed by a stroll along the Cuyahoga River. 635 more words


But Really...

Isn’t the truth good enough?

For some people, maybe not. I knew a young man once who worked in a French bakery. He, my girlfriend, and I, hung out some. 982 more words