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It’s a strong word to describe the past.. Then again, every word is a strong word to describe past. We all have a past, for some it’s cathartic and they try everything in their power to forget it. 632 more words


Greasing the Wheels of Progress

Passing a construction site, yesterday, I parked my car alongside the roadway and watched for about half an hour while workmen methodically dismantled a building that had served, faithfully, for years as an elementary school. 187 more words


A Country Pathway

I come upon it suddenly, alone:
A little pathway winding in the weeds
That fringe the roadside; and with dreams my own,
I wander as it leads. 691 more words


My StarsBottle My Sweet Romance💑

Avril asked me to teach her how to fold 3D stars. I asked her casually why she wanted to learn.. guess what she replied!😞 I wanted to learn because I wanted to be like you.. 264 more words

Down By The Bus-Stop

Coaching classes were lonely affairs. I mean, there were other kids, sure, but I didn’t know them. And I suck at introductions. And I don’t plan on changing that anytime soon. 585 more words