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The unending reminiscence of what was, seems to always awaken the curiosity of what could have been…


The Bullfight

I recently posted a literary biography of W.A. Darlington, who was the longtime theater critic for The Telegraph in London, as well as an accomplished novelist, playwright and biographer. 1,280 more words

Short Story

Reminiscing About Germs

At least, that’s what I called them…

Germ Shirts. This thought bumped into my mind while reading my local weekly newspaper discussing our new government starting business here in Washington. 265 more words

Algorithms For Life

Her Story

She got married at the tender age of fifteen, when she actually had no idea about marriage, husband or responsibilities. But she had to take a lot of responsibilities. 390 more words

Am I a Taff?

I live 12000 miles from Stockport, England, and a little 2 up 2 down semi detached house with brick fence that I was born in many, many years ago. 868 more words


The Great Sandgate Blue Blubber Invasion

Yesterday afternoon I was wading through an incoming tide, recalling that it’s best to shuffle your feet when walking in stingray country. A few giveaway clouds of swirling sand just ahead reminded me that I really need to get some appropriate wading footwear. 1,303 more words