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The OU Bucket List

I can remember sitting in my room the last weekend before finals. In was up to my eyeballs in Microeconomics notes, my best friend Brittany in a similar predicament with Spanish. 346 more words

Throwback Thursday Nostalgia #1

Ohhhhhhhh high school freshman memories….. This is probably the cheesiest song ever made but it’s also the catchiest. Everytime i hear this song I just can’t help but sing along. 39 more words

A Room Filled With Memories

You sit in a room filled to the brim with memories. Some of the memories didn’t happen in the room but they now live in the room, sitting on a shelf or hanging on a hook. 345 more words


this whole #tbt hashtag thing is pretty popular, ya’ll.  and thursday is quickly becoming one of my favorite days for instagram stalking. i am a sucker for a throwback picture.  34 more words


Thinking back

On my way to the train station this morning, I saw a girl in Thamesmead uniform waiting on the corner – for a friend I assumed – and it reminded me of myself. 387 more words


A Different Kind of Summer

I spent this past Sunday afternoon outside at Schenley Park, which is just a couple of blocks from my apartment.  As I enjoyed reading and laying outside in the (finally) beautiful weather, I started to think about how different this summer is going to be from every other summer I can remember in my life. 368 more words



Claire Say came to Alaska as a teacher for the town of Chicken, taking over from ‘Tisha when she no longer taught there. After teaching at Chicken a while, she taught at Manley Hot Springs where she met Archie Pringle. 111 more words