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Peom: Reminisce.

Some nights.
Am awake.
Starring at the contents of my life.
Those who left.
The people that appear occasionally.
The ones am stuck with.

My past. 80 more words


My Brother

I love being an adult. Truly.

There are so many things about the growing up process that are terrifying and exhilerating all at the same time. 696 more words



I have these little fish

swimming around in my fish tank.

They remind me of us, when we were 

younger and ever so restless.

Daily LIfe

Blogs are great time capsules.

I decided to visit one of my older blogs from when I was an angsty little advertising plankton (I am probably a mollusc now). Just because it is 2am now and I can’t sleep. 350 more words


Rendezvous in Ronda

My Andalusian adventures continue…

Ronda. A beautiful town separated by a large gorge, one side houses the old town and the other the new. They are joined together by the New Bridge – not so aptly named as I’m pretty sure its over 200 years old. 167 more words


Colours, Cádiz and Córdoba

I have been a bad blogger and failed to keep up with my writing. But I vow to change! Especially with two big exciting trips on the horizon! 422 more words


Welcoming 2015 with open arms...Kind of.

2014 has been one of the blandest years of my life, yet one of the most happening.

Most of my time in 2014 was spent in front of pages and pages of (now) incoherent blabber which led to me (hopefully) gaining more knowledge in preparation for exams, but more often than not dozing off on my desk. 658 more words