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I feel like a fool because I’m sitting here hoping that maybe–someday you’ll have the courage to win me back … But then I thought to myself if you were really for me, it wouldn’t be the way we are now right? 



(1) You’ve found the one,and she’s so perfect
I am the one who has been deserted
I’m feeling like a fish out of water
I try to breathe but I can’t catch the air! 178 more words

Summer over already

Hey guys!

Wow, summer’s over already. Unbelievable. It seemed like yesterday we finished school…and now I’m back in school, already a junior in high school, so close to university. 524 more words


Love tears

Today I smiled, laughed and mostly cried…remembering you

It was definitely a tough one, on this day for 17 yrs I celebrated your life with you. 395 more words

Miss making videos with my mates

I was sitting on my bed with my laptop the other day and decided to go through my old videos of shuffling and what not. It was such a trip down memory lane. 40 more words


The 11 things you'll only remember if you were at Nottingham Trent in the late 90's

I hope you can forgive me, but I’m straying off topic a little today – and reminiscing about my university days.

A series of posts on my Facebook page declaring Nottingham Trent University launches its Freshers Week for 2014/15 in less than 20 days prompted my little trip down Memory Lane plus I was also inspired by a post over on the wonderful… 879 more words