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Entering the castle cave.

Isn’t it funny how things aren’t how you remember as a child? Time paints events with a rosy hue. Places seem bigger. Fears seem magnified. Some places are imbued with a sense of deja vu although we can say for certain we’ve never been there before. 117 more words

A Bit of Manga - Oldschool!

I went on a mini shopping trip with a friend today, and he asked to go in to a shop to pick up some of the latest Marvel/DC comics. 224 more words


Extinct Life(style)

As usual, I have been thinking of complicated things that may or may not be right but I feel compelled to share nonetheless.

Lately, I have been constantly reminded that a lot of things are now becoming extinct in the world. 528 more words


Getting My Hair Cut

Spring Tidings!^^/


On this lovely spring day I started to reminisce, basking in the cool sun. Even though it’s only been a matter of years that I left college I realised that I’ve developed a lot as a person more than I realised. 660 more words


Remembering 13

Each time I return home after being at Uni for a few months, my little sister is almost a completely different person. She’s 7 years younger than me, and so much better off than I was when I was her age. 622 more words

Dear First Time Mom Self

Now that I am a mom of four there are so many things I wish I would have known. Hindsight is always 20/20 but that statement holds so much more value when referring to motherhood. 1,488 more words

just now

Just now
I contracted depression
from the strain in your voice.

Time’s a funny thing.

We used to call you Smiley,
before dear Mary taught us all
to forget.