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Message in a Novel

Heya Readers,

I find that we read for many reasons: enjoyment, curiosity, knowledge, or even because there’s going to be a reading quiz the next day and you don’t want to get an F on that. 290 more words




So I posted this picture a few weeks ago from when Dina was visiting and we went to a party. This morning I got the remixed version sent to me. 7 more words


If Standardized Testing was Gone...

If standardized testing was gone, I would be able to freely learn without boundaries.

I wouldn’t have to sit and listen to lectures based on a curriculum that is cut out like a perfect cookie. 263 more words


SBA yaaa or naaa

Last week, my school was the first out of our district to to take the new test aka “Smarter Balanced Assesment”.

It was boring like any other test. 601 more words

What Words Give Me

Hulloh Readers!

It’s time for another twisting road of words with Leorai: this time my focus is on the topic of the necessity of words themselves. 321 more words


Beyond the Horizon

In an article titled, “Would You Be My Friendster?” by Andie Wuster, talks about how social networking expands the horizon of one’s connections, friends, experiences, lessons, communities, sights, knowledge of the world. 868 more words

Testing Made Easier: The New SAT

Ever have that feeling that everything is trying to work against you. Like everything conveniently changes to make things worse for you. Maybe the requirements for your dream job conveniently change right before you apply, or the age of driving eligibility changes when you turn 16. 330 more words