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How Software Troubles Almost Stole Christmas

The alarms on Santa’s “Naughty or Nice” app were ring ting tingle-ing, and Santa couldn’t find the problem even after checking twice.

The modern version of his famous list was supposed to organize names and provide more details through new software, but Santa was stuck. 218 more words


Pulse Workspace version 4.2.64


  1. Pulse Remote Support updated to TeamViwer version 10
Pulse Workspace

Enter at Your Own Risk: Surviving Workplace Zombies

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We all have them — workplace zombies. These aren’t just your run-of-the-mill unmotivated workers; they’re worse. They do have motivation, but only to infect others with their demotivation and to spread negativity to validate their own bad feelings. 468 more words


Not So Smart HDTV

Our move into Smart TV land has been nothing if not eventful. It has always been our practice to record one or other programme when confronted by a clash of timings, or simply an inconvenient programme timing, but more recently connecting tablet or laptop PC via HDMI to catch up on missed programmes. 850 more words


Introducing ISL Light 4: the future of remote desktop starts here

Presenting a new generation remote desktop support solution. ISL Light 4 is powerful, yet simple. Robust, yet effortless. Elegant, yet efficient. Above all, it gets you things done quicker and easier. 1,073 more words

How to Plan for Murphy’s Law When Traveling

As Murphy’s law would predict, it’s always when a user is traveling that they experience a catastrophic event with their laptop. Because of these types of issues, I’ve always tried to teach my users how to manage their data so that if something happens to their machine, they can minimize downtime and, hopefully, lose no data. 487 more words


How to Create Trust During a Remote Session

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One of the most important factors in support is the trust between the tech and the user. This becomes even more important when the two are only connected by remote support software. 330 more words

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