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How to Plan for Murphy’s Law When Traveling

As Murphy’s law would predict, it’s always when a user is traveling that they experience a catastrophic event with their laptop. Because of these types of issues, I’ve always tried to teach my users how to manage their data so that if something happens to their machine, they can minimize downtime and, hopefully, lose no data. 487 more words


How to Create Trust During a Remote Session

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One of the most important factors in support is the trust between the tech and the user. This becomes even more important when the two are only connected by remote support software. 330 more words

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Utility Belt for IT That Helps You Be Super

What’s in the IT Hero’s Utility Belt?

When you work in IT, your daily routine is anything but mundane. This morning you were troubleshooting with the marketing team to get their fancy animated presentation running, and in the afternoon you’re called to your boss’s side to aid in a VPN emergency. 697 more words

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Urgent Tech Help Compression Software Plan is a Comprehensive and User-Friendly Scheme

The importance of space on hard disk has become a cardinal aspect for those who deal with computers on a daily basis. One needs to use the space on computer & laptop on an adequate manner. 187 more words

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“What About the Floppy Disks?” And Other Support Issues Millennials Will Never Hear

We’ve all seen the millennial lists — things they love, things they hate and things they’ll never see. But it’s easy to overlook those support questions that we’ll never hear again. 338 more words


The Dynamic Duo of IT Support

History, literature and pop culture are rife with examples of stellar singulars that turn unstoppable when combined. Think Lewis and Clark, Brad and Angelina, peanut butter and jelly — wait, that’s food. 153 more words


A Strict Data Backup Facility can Only Ensure the Longevity & Effectively of the Data Stored in the Computers

With the advent of computers & its related technology has re-established the importance of data and its recovery. Data is the nucleus of any organization. In order to ensure effective operation of any organization, it is very important to have storage for the data. 233 more words