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Nail polish Remover pads Review

Hi all  !!!

My new post  like review about Nail polish Remover pads , very useful if you traveling  a lot or if you work at very small office whit central air conditioner and your nails looks terrible because you’re losing the color nail polish, here the solution for all your problems not smell work very fast. 483 more words


Kassidy's weekly obsession

I’ve decided that each week I’m going to post something that I’m absolutely obsessed with. I have quite the obsessive personality when it comes to materialistic possessions so I definitely won’t be running out of things to write about any time soon. 372 more words


Lippmann Collection 2 Second Nail Primer

Cleans nail plate for longer wearing manicure flashes off in 2 seconds! Provides a longer lasting manicure Apply to nail prior basecoat Net Weight: 0.5 oz. 6 more words

Avene Micellar Lotion: Cleanser & make-up remover

a $28 purchase that I do not regret! It is so soft on your skin, while removing your makeup, cleansing efficiently and gently.  One of the best make-up removers i’ve used yet!

Product Reviews

Review: Dreft Laundry Stain Remover Spray

Here’s a review for you guys on this Dreft I purchased this at Walmart and it was shot 3 bucks in my local Walmart and it’s supposed to be specially formulated to fight tough stains in baby clothes of course. 243 more words

Lippmann Collection Ridge Filler Base Coat

For uneven nails Contains silica. Dries matte, filling in porous area of nails and providing a long-lasting manicure. One thin coat as base under nail color Net Weight: 0.5 oz. / 15 ml