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¿Como remuevo o borro todo lo que hay dentro de un folder o directorio en Linux?

Usando el comando rm. Tomar en cuenta que con la siguiente sintaxis se borra todo lo que existe en un directorio, incluido los subdirectorios (usarlo con cuidado):

rm -r *


How to Remove Makeup Stains

We’ve all been there. You’ve just smudged foundation on your new shirt, dropped a mascara wand on your pants, or spilled nail polish on your carpet. 281 more words


3... and 4....

Eye liner. I love it.

Black eye liner. I love it even more.

I know some people say black liner ages you, blah blah blah. I wear it every.damn.day. 206 more words

Natural Makeup Remover

Makeup is a girl’s best-friend, it covers up imperfections, enhances your features, and above all is totally fun to play with. Your face is just like a blank canvas and makeup are the colors through which you can make something new and beautiful. 366 more words


Bye Bye Cellulite Homemade Recipe Natural Coffee Body Scrub

Here is a tip for getting rid of cellulite with this homemade remedy used by Brazilian women for years.

Homemade Natural Coffee Body Scrub

1/2 cup Ground Coffee with Caffeine… 76 more words


Dirty Brushes? Clean 'Em Up!

Having dirty makeup brushes is a huge no-no.  Not only can the brushes harbor bacteria that you’d be adding back onto your skin but having excess colors on there can muddy things up which is horrible when you want crisp, clean colors. 288 more words


All Finish

1. All Finish Cleansing Water

Netto : 280 ml
Price : IDR 170.000

2. All Finish Line Remover Stick

Netto : 2 ml
Price : IDR 92.000
25 more words

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