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OTC 7315A Universal Tie Rod End Remover Convenient

It’s really that easy. If you use this tip you can save your carpet, rugs, and your relationship with your pet.

Here’s the trick: Use a wet vacuum or a shop vacuum as soon as you find urine on your carpet or rug. 364 more words

From Backup Makeup Remover To Flyaway Fixer: Why All-Objective Skin Balm Is A Beauty Need To

Did you know all-goal beauty balms like Lucas’ Papaw Ointment can mask flyaways and serve as a makeup remover in a pinch? Consider this stuff the duct tape of beauty merchandise. 23 more words

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The Ultimate Cleansing Routine?

There’s just something about cleansing balms that have that spa-like luxury about them. So after seeing many many good reviews for the Body Shop’s new Camomile Cleansing Butter I thought I would have to try one out. 1,022 more words

Beauty Reviews

Truth be gone

Spray it on let truth be gone

A Scotchguard for the soul

No cleaning bills for truthful spills

Takes out grassy knolls


The Race to Remove: Best Make-Up Remover!

Hello my lovely friends!

I apologize for the unnecessarily long hiatus from posting. I’ve been a combination of busy and lazy, but all the while, have these post ideas floating in my head, so it’s about time I buckle down and share some thoughts. 524 more words


Shiseido Ultimate Cleansing Oil

The Shiseido Ultimate Cleansing oil – 9/10

A rinse-off oil-based cleanser.

What it does:This specially designed purifying formula quickly and easily removes long-wearing foundation and water-resistant, high-SPF sunscreens. 244 more words