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Medical Home Remedies for Gout Pain Relief aka Podagra Cure

Medical home remedies have proved to be real effective as far as gout pain relief aka podagra cure in a swollen metatarsal phalangeal joint at the base of the big toe or even in its other manifestations like tophi, kidney stones and urate nephropathy is concerned. 376 more words

Home Remedies

Hatch Chile Pepper Fish

I am still off dialysis, but haven’t forgotten about you! Here is the latest approved recipe for all of you dealing with diabetes and dialysis!  Many thanks to my nutritionist, Carmen Benham, FMC-NA, who reviews these recipes and gives me great advice!  166 more words

Dialysis Diet

Ketogenic Diet Reduces Diabetic Nephropahty

A common problem that arises in patients with diabetes is that of “nephropathy.”  Nephropathy is damage to or disease of the kidney.  In diabetic patients, they commonly begin to loose the ability to adequately filter and retain microscopic protein needed in the body. 104 more words

Low Carb