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Patrick's Story

What a Foster Home Meant to One Special Kitty

Patrick was a scrawny gray tabby cat who taught me the true meaning of being a foster parent, someone who can give a cat, dog or any animal, the feeling of having a family and being loved, and to prepare them socially for a new forever home. 1,022 more words


27 Dresses

This summer has been a summer of occasions, dressy occasions which has been very exciting. However my wardrobe was not full of appropriate “occasion wear”  outfits so over the last few months I’ve done a fair bit of shopping and making. 468 more words


The Saddest Day

How can it be that one day you can be happy and laughing – and the next few days you can be devastated!

We returned from our wonderful holiday and the very moment I saw my beautiful Dee Dee, I knew nothing would be the same again. 485 more words


Six months wasn't long enough

Old Lady Dog resting with Stupid Cute, a kitten we spent 9 weeks trying to help him find a, somewhat, normal, pain-free life. We were unsuccessful and decided euthanasia was the best choice for him. 425 more words


Flowers for Flossy

We had to have our 22-year-old cat put to sleep a few days ago. She was given to us by our neighbours following their divorce. The first time, they came round to enquire if we could do them a favour and we were happy to help. 470 more words


This case took us on a romp through the symptoms, signs and diagnosis of myeloma with a glance in the direction of some of the more serious complications. 1,128 more words