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Mantra Cure Epilepsy Leprosy Piles Urinary Infections

Epliepsy,Leprosy,TB,Piles,Urinary Infectiions, Renal Failure,

These are some of the diseases we do not have a Medicine to cure these illnesses.

For Epilepsy and Grand mal Seizure  Cardinal group of Medicines and for Grand mal Seizure group of Medicines belonging to Eptoin are prescribed. 326 more words


Growing up is hard?

Originally I was going to title this ‘Growing up is hard’ minus the question mark. But I think it is up for discussion whether it’s really growing up that is hard or if it is more conforming to our modern society’s strict expectations and rules for how fast we have to mature. 457 more words


Patrick's Story

What a Foster Home Meant to One Special Kitty

Patrick was a scrawny gray tabby cat who taught me the true meaning of being a foster parent, someone who can give a cat, dog or any animal, the feeling of having a family and being loved, and to prepare them socially for a new forever home. 1,022 more words


27 Dresses

This summer has been a summer of occasions, dressy occasions which has been very exciting. However my wardrobe was not full of appropriate “occasion wear”  outfits so over the last few months I’ve done a fair bit of shopping and making. 468 more words


The Saddest Day

How can it be that one day you can be happy and laughing – and the next few days you can be devastated!

We returned from our wonderful holiday and the very moment I saw my beautiful Dee Dee, I knew nothing would be the same again. 485 more words