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Asiana Cooking School

I stumbled across Asiana Cooking School based just off Tory St a few months ago and I loved the sound of learning to cook some of my favourite dishes while dabbling in a spot of BYO, something I am never opposed too. 690 more words

New Zealand

Cerita Dibalik Hidangan dalam Tabula Rasa

Mengenai film, saya masih bukan apa-apa yang masih belajar untuk mengerti, bukan sebagai penonton yang puas dengan ledakan dan efek kamera. Mengenai makanan pula saya juga bukan apa-apa, yang masih belajar tentang jenis-jenis potongan dan cara membuat kaldu yang benar. 882 more words


Tabula Rasa: Sebuah Film Bertema Masakan Minang

Semangat berjuang dalam mengarungi kehidupan dapat kita temukan kembali di mana saja, tak terkecuali pada makanan dan proses mengolahnya. Sepotong pesan inilah yang hendak dimasak dan disajikan lewat film layar lebar… 656 more words


Another Birthday Meal

But this time I was the chef.

I invited my Mum, Dad & Sister around for dinner telling them that I wasn’t going to make an effort but I ended up doing so. 322 more words


Vegetarian Rendang and Saffron rice

Reopen an old book from my great-grandmother’s handwriting, there are many traditional Indonesian recipes that loaded with spices to give very delicious taste.

My eyes stopped at the small notes below the ‘Rendang’ recipe. 454 more words

Indonesian Food

#1444 - Birthday Story


As promised and before it is becoming too late, so here are the story about my birthday this year :) . In principal, I can group the story into three different days, and here we go. 1,102 more words

Zilko's Life

Hari Raya Eid-al fitr (More of a cooking essay of sorts)

About a month or so ago many Muslims around the world, including Lysha and myself, celebrated the end of a month-long fasting period of Ramadhan. While we are not trying to make any excuses for our month-long hiatus (well…maybe a little bit) we would like to apologize for the lack of posts recently. 1,110 more words