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Rendang Terlagi Lagi


Rendang terlagi lagi ini popular di Negeri Perak.
Kenapa agaknya masakan ini dipanggil rendang terlagi lagi? Adakah kerana bila dah rasa sekali, pasti akan nak lagi dan nak lagi? 159 more words


Dinner at Malaysian Chapter, Belconnen

My experience with Malaysian food is fairly limited, but based on all the positive reviews from other bloggers, I had high expectations of Malaysian Chapter… 259 more words


Indonesian cuisine: It's simply delectable. Here are 10 of them!

In case you’re brand new to Indonesian cuisine, you just can’t go wrong with the ten dishes below…they’re simply delectable!

1. Rendang

Rendang is a spicy meat dish with a creamy, spicy, flavorful coconut milk sauce. 748 more words


Rendang King of Indonesian Cuisine

Rendang is often a dish of meats or even Randang hot flavor in which works by using an assortment of a variety of herbal remedies in addition to spices. 451 more words


Indonesian Beef Rendang (Rendang Sapi)

Rendang has its roots in Indonesian cuisine and is one of the most popular dishes from Padang, West Sumatra. This curry dish based on a rich coconut sauce is now also popular in Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Burma, Sri Lanka, and other Asian countries. 334 more words


pagi sore indonesian restaurant, tanjong pagar

very-good indonesian food at tanjong pagar’s 100am – still very good, even after the first time we came here nearly a year a go (with many consistent great visits between). 154 more words



Indonesia has more culture and ethnics over there. It is archipelago country and more different people live. Different place from each province has different culture. There are traditional food, dance, song, musical instruments, etc. 767 more words

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