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Flying Rockstar Drones

The guys at KMEL Robotics have done it again, after their amazing collaboration piece with Lexus creating ‘Amazing in Motion’ we didn’t think it could get any better but here is an example of just how dexterous drones can be! 57 more words


Of Opinionated Lists and Misguided Quests For The Best

“Is it good?”

The obligatory, superficial, and heavily opinion-laden question at the tip of one’s tongue whenever an acquaintance reveals that he/she has dined at a particular eatery or eaten something new. 616 more words


How much will the Senate report on CIA torture reveal about British involvement?

As the world waits to see how much of the Senate report on CIA torture is left unredacted in its imminent release, the British government and some of its former members must be worrying about what will be revealed of their own involvement. 620 more words


PARTYNEXTDOOR- "West District"

PARTYNEXTDOOR adds his own version of Drake’s recently released “Days In The East”. “West District” is different but defiantly worth a listen. Check it here.



inhuman treatment

of those we believe to be

terrorists who says so

Yoga And Addiction

Beautiful rendition of Romeo and Juliet I found on tumblr.

romeo: im so sad

romeo: ill never be happy

romeo: a party sure why not ill just sulk around an- WOAH

romeo: WHO DAT

romeo: 495 more words