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Famous Numbers Part 3 - The Imaginary Number

Numbers are famous because of their properties, history and impact. Let’s look at the Imaginary Number.

The first recorded incidence of the imaginary number was when Heron of Alexandra tried to solve , confused, he worked on a different problem. 131 more words


Voice of the Lobster

There was one lobster left in the tank when I left the restaurant. I felt sorry for the lonesome crustacean, but sadder for its late companions whose carapaces lay empty on customers’ plates. 1,035 more words


Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

[T]ravellers …, when they have lost their way in a forest, ought not to wander from side to side, far less remain in one place, but proceed constantly towards the same side in as straight a line as possible, without changing their direction for slight reasons, although perhaps it might be chance alone which at first determined the selection; for in this way, if they do not exactly reach the point they desire, they will come at least in the end to some place that will probably be preferable to the middle of a forest. 751 more words


What is intuition?

One can have memory of the future as well as of the past. Memory of the future is usually called instinct in animals, intuition in human beings.

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100 Days Of Thought On The Wall

The Evil Demon by René Descartes (1641)

Is anything so self-evident that it cannot be doubted? Is it not possible that our lives are no more than dreams, or that the world is just a figment of our imaginations? 958 more words


Tiree: Surf the Waves and the Net

When we first arrived on Tiree, for about 10 days we had no landline, and for even longer no broadband. Mobile coverage in our home was almost non existent and to receive emails we had to locate a friendly hot spot – often outside someone else’s home! 284 more words

"Life On Tiree" Day 1: A Dream & A Method

2 Day 1: A Dream & A Method

Chorus: The sunrise finds a day divided and uncertain. The brisk, unseasonably cold air never recedes from the onslaught of the brilliant sunlight. 1,940 more words

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