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Europe commits economic suicide - agrees to massive emission cuts

Eric Worrall writes: The European Union has just committed economic suicide, by agreement a landmark deal, to cut CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030. 334 more words

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Germany's problems with closing their nuke plants and relying more and more on wind and solar PV while than having to turn back on their coal powered generators shows how foolish this will be.

Beyond profits: Why crowdfunding is ideally suited for Renewable Energy projects

Joukon Voima is a freshly founded company located in Finland. We direct funds from small-scale investors to solar and wind energy projects and pay our investors “dividends” according to the generated savings and revenue. 630 more words



Solar Indaba 2014 is the first PV conference to be held in South Africa. The meeting will take place in the city of Johannesburg from next 23 October to 24 October. 116 more words


Renewable energy protest fails after solar battery can't recharge

Gang green uses a solar powered smoke stack while chanting coal has got to go! Due to a lack of energy, the protest is a failure. 25 more words

How renewable energy is showing its benefits in the mining sector

The SolarServer website provides a good article on how renewable energy is increasingly be considered in the mining sector, a sector not known to look favourably towards renewable energy. 453 more words

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How crowdfunding is making its mark in investing in solar projects

Jennifer Kho provides a good article on the use of solar bonds and crowdfunding in the US.

First US public offering of solar bonds: can crowdfunding take clean energy to the next level? 904 more words

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The cost competitiveness of wind power

Arthur Neslen writes in the Guardian on recent EU analysis that finds that onshore wind is now cheaper than many other conventional sources of energy when external factors are calculated. 588 more words

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