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The World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development will open on 10 November in Aichi-Nagoya (Japan). The conference sessions will last until 12 November. A set of… 122 more words


Solar panel stickers that can be placed anywhere

How We Get To Next features the work of Stanford Professor Xiaolin Zheng who is developing flexible solar cells that could in theory scale up and be applied like stickers, posters, wallpaper or other coverings for buildings, indoors and out, to generate power.

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Moving backwards one decade at a time

I’m baffled by some of the stupid remarks that come out of our esteemed leader’s mouth. Baffled, not because they are stupid (intelligent comment and Tony Abbott is a paradox), but just… 248 more words

Bad Science

If the Koch brothers have their way, we can kiss progress goodby.

The Koch’s are the main money source and thus control most of the GOP. You need more of an explanation?


 Check this link (above) for a complete graph on how the rest of the world is far ahead of the United States and why we need to remove these regressive people from our government. 36 more words

Oil Prices: A Fluctuation or Long Term Shift

As someone who has spent my few years having a license being driven around by friends, I have never paid much attention to gas prices. However, when people would complain about high prices, I would occasionally point out that New Jersey had not only some of the lowest prices in the country, but in the world. 384 more words

Gas Prices

Can we do without nuclear power?

A lot of smart people think it is possible to eliminate or drastically reduce the use of fossil fuels while also eliminating nuclear power.  Maybe they’re right, but I don’t see it. 373 more words


Start With Schools To Realize Change!

Globally, river basins or catchment areas are under threat of unsustainable human activities and eventual degradation. River Mpanga, which straddles through the Rwenzori region in the districts of Kabarole, Kyenjojo and Kamwenge, has its source in the Rwenzori Mountains and drains into Lake George in the western rift valley. 535 more words

Catchment Areas