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When the EIA and AWEA calculate the cost of electricity produced by wind turbines, all the additional costs embodied in the production and transmission of electricity are ignored. 899 more words


Renewable energy cheaper than fossil fuels when externalities are included

This news does not surprise me, however it is helpful as a point of reference for quantitative figures. The next question is–when will the full cost of energy be priced? 30 more words


euronews hi-tech - Morocco makes renewable energy progress while the sun shines

http://www.euronews.com/ With over 300 days of sunshine per year, Ain Beni Mathar in Morocco, near the border with Algeria, was the perfect site to build a t…
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How is BigWind like a chimp? Both are great SWINGERS

In the field of medicine, the best physicians use ‘evidence-based’ treatments. In other words, ‘evidence’ from previous research guides their decision-making. Why don’t we demand this in the area of renewable energy, where $Billions of taxpayer $ are being spent? 517 more words

Wind Energy: Can we no longer suffer from 'not in my back yard' syndrome?

I have personally always been a big supporter of power generated by wind turbines within the UK. I feel that as an island nation we have plenty of off-shore sites that would suit wind farms which could provide a rather consistent and carbon free source of energy for the UK. 536 more words

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