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Battery storage for BigWind is a 'Catch 22' that doesn't end well for us

This topic is the latest buzz among researchers. If we ‘could only’ store the intermittent energy from BigWind, all of our problems would be solved and the skeptics would be silenced!   283 more words

Food, Kitchen & Animal Waste to energy by Biomethanation

Waste that are common in house hold kitchens, hotels, canteens, garbage dump and garden are:

  • Raw vegetable refuse
  • Stale cooked and un-cooked food
  • Extracts from tea powder…
  • 1,780 more words
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Morocco invests in wind energy

Morocco is going ahead with its investment in clean energy, wind to be exact. Joint project between Moroccan Nateva Holding and France’s GDF Suez. The country has invested $685 million in the Tarfaya project that began in early 2013 and will be operational starting in October. 41 more words

The success of BigWind in USA is compared to the reality of a unicorn

Today’s Statehouse news service reports that the Hardin Wind
Energy project that was approved by the Ohio Power Siting Board yesterday
intends to request an amendment to its approved certificate.  509 more words

Should we emulate Spain's BigWind experiment?

Thank you, Ohio legislators, for recognizing that we need to ‘freeze’ our renewable energy mandates. This makes it clear that the goals should be reevaluated…. 182 more words

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