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Another Consequence of Climate Change Alarmism

We are all well aware of the results of global warming alarmism – we see it every day with the wind farms that blight our countryside, we pay for it every day in our energy bills, we are guilt-tripped by it every day with pressure to save energy/ go green/ save the polar bears/ drive electric cars etc. 286 more words

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Public support of renewable energy remains stable

1) Based on the question asked:Do you support or oppose the use of renewable energy for providing our electricity, fuel and heat? Source:DECC.

Based on a survey conducted regularly by DECC we see that the public support for renewable energy remain stable in the UK, with on average¬†78% of people in “strong support” or “supporting” the use of renewable energy for providing electricity, fuel and heat. 19 more words


Africa Renewables: 16 Bankable Energy Projects in the continent

Major energy players are gearing up for an event that will showcase 16 bankable projects that are ready to be financed in Africa, including renewable energy schemes. 136 more words


Great visualization of our energy and carbon consumption and emissions

My assorted thoughts:

1. I’m not sure why the message about CCS from this video (as well many other sources) is: “fossil fuel use is increasing and there’s nothing we can do about it, so we need to develop large-scale¬†CCS projects in order to mitigate climate change.” This argument for CCS feels unnecessarily defeatist. 335 more words

Nicaragua 4 billion dollar energy plan

The Government of Nicaragua is projecting to attract 4 billion dollars in investment to finance various renewable energy projects over the next fifteen years. The Minister of Energy and Mines, Emilio Rappaccioli said these investments will generate 253MW of hydroelectric power; wind 300MW; geothermal 100MW; and solar 100MW. 957 more words


The International Energy Agency's Africa Energy Outlook unabashedly promotes the fossil fuel industry

On October 13, the International Energy Agency released its first ever Africa Energy Outlook. The report promotes the interests of fossil fuel companies and fails to represent environmental and socially just issues. 3,650 more words

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