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'Plus House' in Norway generates twice as much energy as it uses

Inhabitat highlights a project in Norway that shows that houses can be net contributors to the power grid if built in the right way. The house is more efficient than other ‘plus houses’, and is the first of what could be many hundreds more to be developed in Bergen, Norway.

Source: Inhabitat

Chewing our way to renewable power?

I am aware, as most people are, that collectively we demand amounts of energy that could soon be beyond our reach. As the population has grown and technology has advanced through time, the amount of electricity being produced is just enough to supply demand. 483 more words

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In German, the answer to global warming is blowing in the wind

In Germany, about 30% of its electric consumption now comes from renewable energy. In this article a German writer contends that these gains were possible only through the efforts, over many years, of a broad peoples’ movement. 969 more words

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DIY solar power generator

Inhabitat reports on a guide to creating your own solar power generator. The guide was put together by Rapid Online and runs through the equipment required, how to put them together and a few safety warnings!

Source: Inhabitat

A diy wind turbine for $30?

FastCoExist highlights the work of Daniel Connell who claims to have developed a do-it-yourself wind turbine that could cost as little as $30. Whilst it won’t power a house, it could generate several hundred watts of power, which should be enough for tasks such as pumping water.

Source: FastCoExist