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Harnessing waste heat a major growth area for companies

As businesses look to operate in a more energy-efficient manner, many are turning to new tactics to capture power that would otherwise go to waste. 413 more words

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Avoiding Bioenergy Competition for Food Crops and Land

World Resources Institute / by Tim Searchinger and Ralph Heimlich

Installment 9 of Creating a Sustainable Food Futureshows that any dedicated use of land for growing bioenergy inherently comes at the cost of not using that land for growing food or animal feed, or for storing carbon. 22 more words

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Renewable Energy Investment Increasing Despite Declining Oil Prices: Forbes

Check out this Forbes article discussing the fact that investment in renewable energy is up 16% over last year despite low oil prices.  Most growth was seen in solar pv.   37 more words

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China Coal Production Falls

For a variety of reasons, China has been emphasizing alternatives to coal to the point that they’re able to decrease production. Coal is a commodity, which means its price fluctuates. 57 more words


How much do the costs of Finance matter?

We tend to focus a lot on the installed cost of renewables, on how reducing these will reduce the price at which power projects can sell their electricity. 1,304 more words


Devert Energy San Diego

Devert Green Energy is the quickly becoming the leader in supplying solar energy to San Diego residential clients.

Our Sales, Installation, and Customer Care teams are made up of professionals that aim to protect the environment with the latest available technologies, as well as offer long term savings to the consumer. 43 more words

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Remote communities benefiting from solar/diesel hybrids

Among the main challenges that communities face in Australia is around access to electricity, especially in the more remote parts of the country. Often, it is uneconomical to supply these communities with mains power from the national grid, leaving them dependent on energy sources like diesel generators that have been brought in to meet their energy needs. 570 more words

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