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How Florida Storage Container Homes Can Save You Money

If you are looking into Florida real estate, you already know how overwhelming the amount of options available can be. Do you want an apartment/condo? Or a home? 469 more words


Renovation Tales

These days I sport what could almost pass for a French manicure – if it wasn’t for the telltale white paint streaks all over my hands, arms and the occasional snow white strand of hair. 474 more words



THE LADY IS VERY HAPPY with her new deck. What the contractors didn’t know, as they worked for four days right outside my windows, is that I could hear every word they said, and even understand the ones in English. 173 more words


Kitchen Renovation Progress

While everyone has been busy enjoying their summers, we have been busy updating the chalet! As you can see, progress is happening in the kitchen. A new commercial stove has arrived, yet to install, but the hood vent was installed 2 days ago. 135 more words


Renovations: Attic Ventilation, Insulation and XL Pink Underwear

Last summer, moving into an older home, I promised that renovations would begin… sometime. At this moment, my upper floor with three bedrooms and two bathrooms is nothing more than a 2×4 lumber jungle with a few viney electrical wires suspended from the rafters. 501 more words


Talavera transformation, the end

Just because the concrete stairs were ugly, the bodega held more tile, Nalo is a maestro…

and what’s a little more talavera between friends?

The end, I promise!


Benefits of Shipping Container Homes

Moving into a shipping container home is probably not what you have in mind when you start hunting for a new place. But if you give it some thought, you will soon fall in love with the idea. 377 more words