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The Squirrels are Back: Revitalization of a Kindergarten in Vienna

One year after its 20th anniversary the kindergarten Viverica (the Croatian word for Squirrel) of the Burgenland Croatian Center in Vienna needed a facelift. 290 more words


What Is Green Building?

Everyone loves the idea of lowering their carbon footprint, so it would only make sense that building an eco-friendly Florida home is the way to go. 371 more words


Decor choices!

Y’all.  I did something really exciting recently.

I bought tile.

This is so exciting because it’s been so long since we’ve done any of the “fun” parts of a renovation–designing, picking out finishes, anything like that.  390 more words


DIY clothes rack

As you know, we moved into our bedroom without a wardrobe. We had plans for a midcentury style built in, but got cold feet on that at the last minute. 494 more words


Bookshelf & Chimney

So.  We’ve told you about our chimney.  To recap: we have a brick chimney that runs through our kitchen.  Sadly, it goes to the furnace, not a fireplace (we don’t have a fireplace), but it looks nice and we’ve decided to leave it exposed in the kitchen.  521 more words


Pantry Raid

We told you about drywalling the pantry (Spoiler alert: it kind of sucked). But most pantries have more happening than just walls. So there was more to do. 314 more words