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Season's End on the East End

I’VE CLOSED UP SHOP in East Hampton for the winter. Had to. My house has no heat, and the nighttime temperatures have dipped into the 40s and even 30s. 525 more words


And it continues…

As I mentioned before, many of our current projects were dependant on another being done before another can be started. Our plumbing situation is just that. 142 more words


Green Living: Benefits of Container Homes

The dramatic increase of people becoming interested in shipping container homes can be largely attributed to people beginning to understand our need for sustainable living. With more people learning about the damaging impact our carbon footprints are making on our planet, many people are looking for new and different ways to approach green living—from the foods we eat, to what products we buy and—now—even where we live! 365 more words


The Master Plan: Renovating Your Master Bedroom

PoppaNut happens to be extremely handy, and he’s usually pretty game for a renovation project. I’m also lucky enough to have two amazing contractors in my life that also happen to be family — my dad and my father-in-law, so it can quickly turn into a family affair when the hammers start swinging in this crazy nuthouse. 504 more words

Life In A Nutshell

Painting. The final step

Painting is usually the final step in many construction projects. Painting serves two main functions. First, painting adds color and distinction to your project, personalizing your house. 86 more words


The Water Heater

One of the things that we wanted to do was move the hot water heater down to the basement from its current location behind a piece of panelling by the washer and dryer. 87 more words


Shipping Containers: Do They Make Good Homes?

There has been a lot of buzz about shipping container homes lately. If you are someone who follows the latest news and trends in sustainable living, you already know how eco-friendly these buildings are. 461 more words