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Merry Christmas and a bit more

I feel a bit of a fraud – writing on my own blog, after ignoring it for so long!

But I do have to check in and say Merry Christmas and thanks for being here. 127 more words


Shipping Container Homes Design Tips

You have made the decision- traditional Georgia houses are not for you. Instead, you have decided to create your dream shipping container home. Repurposed steel boxes are the next big thing, and the trend has plenty of reasons to be. 319 more words


Donkey !!!!!!!

Last night when I got home from ‘The Workplace’ Beloved took my hand and into placed a gift from our 2 most dear friends,

You may be a little quizzical about the reference, let me explain, Donkey is the nickname Beloved has bestowed upon me, let me give you an example while renovating the cottage any help with hard labour and all you will hear is “Oh its fine Donkey will help me !” 220 more words

Cottage Life

Should I Renovate or Sell My House?

What do you do when your family outgrows your home? What happens when the cute quirks of the place go from charming to corrosive? Homeownership is a 15 to 30 year commitment. 813 more words

Real Estate

Storage Tips for Tiny Homes

Whether you have made the move to a tiny home in Florida or are still thinking about making the transition, we know you are thinking about ways to get yourself organized in such a small space. 334 more words


Benefits of Tiny Offices

The growing interest in downsizing living spaces is spreading to the workplace through the new trend of tiny offices in Florida. In a culture where we are used to thinking “bigger is better,” it is important to remember that going back to the basics also has big advantages. 305 more words