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The Next Chapter

We began planning to renovate The Glade in April of 2011 by hiring an architect who took about a year to get us actual working drawings. 248 more words


Episode 85- Loving the Languedoc, crazy for Campagne

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Sometime I need to remind myself why we started this big adventure to rescue a sad village house and why this is, in a very literal way, rescuing us. 206 more words

Renovation And Restoration Diary- France

The MADE.com 'Made To Be' Blogger Challenge

Last week, the wonderful people at Verything and MADE.com invited me to take part in their ‘Made To Be’ blogger challenge. Open to home decor, design and DIY bloggers, the concept of the challenge was to pick one of MADE’s gorgeous home products, be it a piece of furniture or art, and blog about how you would incorporate it into your space and why you’d love to own it. 1,002 more words


roof info

Roofs in the neighborhood seem to come in three distinct slopes – steep gables, a little less than 45degrees; a low slope gable or shed roof, about 25-30 degrees (guessing); and “flat” which is actually more like 1/2″ slope in 1′ of run.  41 more words


Unfinished irritation

Things are starting to look better … Slowly.
The kitchen sink was fixed quite quickly by a roto-rooter guy who also gave me some feedback about the plumbers (A-ok despite my paranoia) and the sump (needs hydrovac … whatever that is?). 208 more words

Guidelines For Kitchen Renovation Tips

If you think your kitchen really need to be decorated, you can simply add a lot more decoration, but if you think your kitchen require to be renovated, I’m confident decoration process is not sufficient. 22 more words


Interior Design- Textures

Hey there,

First of all thanks so much for reading our blog, it means the world to us that we might inspire you even a little bit. 170 more words