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Why Americans care more about experiences than possessions

The signifiers of success used to be simple. Own a home (or two) and a car (or two) and voilà! You’ve achieved the American Dream. Ownership, however, is a complicated concept for an increasing number of Americans (this writer and her sister, included)—and not for all the reasons you might think. 1,462 more words

Limited time only: Rent for 4 weeks, get 2 weeks free

From now through the first of Jan 2015 if you pay for 4 weeks of any rental, (new or current, store or home), you get an additional 2 weeks of free rent. 32 more words

Second Life

Georgia Cabin Rentals | Li'l Peace of Heaven - YouTube

In Georgia Cabin Rentals is a great idea for a weekend getaway. Call Li'l Peace of Heaven today to rent a cabin (478) 258-8220.

Georgia Cabin Rentals | Li'l Peace of Heaven

Helen GA is an amazing place to visit in the winter. Call Today to rent a cabin (478) 258-8220.

Guess who's been buying DVDs again?

Yes, it was me. I admit it – I am a movie-aholic. But I’m not sorry because I want to make sure that we can offer you some great viewing. 247 more words

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ACQUIP Offers SpatialAnalyzer Ultimate Software to Include with your Laser Tracker Rental.

ACQUIP  is now offering another cost-effective solution to its Laser Tracker Rental customers: SpatialAnalyzer Ultimate Software.

Using SpatialAnalyzer software in combination with the Laser Tracker… 246 more words