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Real Estate: A Renter's Market?

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Real Estate

A Renter's Nightmare on Any Street

I have lived in Coastal Georgia now for eleven and a half years, and have endured horrific experiences as a renter. Granted, a lot of what I endured was out of ignorance, since I had never been an independent renter before. 91 more words

It’s hard to get respect: As a renter

The Honking Goose has posted this topic about renters consistently having the experience of little respect from landlords and property management companies.

Interesting question :) 238 more words


it's hard to get respect: as a renter

In our eleven years of living together, my husband and I have always rented our homes. We’ve lived in a grand total of six different places together and had a variety of experiences with homeowners, landlords, and property managers. 335 more words


The Real Value of a Renters Policy

Winter is coming quick and if you rent, you can’t afford to be without Renters insurance. A renters policy costs as little as $4.00 a week and the benefits of the policy far outweigh this cost. 191 more words


Q&A: Your First Apartment

We finally made the decision to move out, but only when it was right for us!

I get a lot of questions about moving out on my own for the first time. 748 more words