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Characteristics of Owners and Renters

An individual’s tenure choice (whether to rent or own) is based on a number of factors including age, income, and housing supply. It is therefore not surprising that characteristics differ markedly by tenure. 402 more words


When The Money Tree Wilts

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ALL OF US RUN INTO A CHALLENGING MONEY SITUATION AT ONE TIME or another. Its almost an inescapable part of modern life. 535 more words

Property Management

Just Moving Into A New Place? Or Looking To Freshen Up Your Present Place?

Check out Hope Boyarsky, a creative artist who paints original painting for people throughout the Greater NYC area. 


To see more of her work go to http://www.hopeboyarsky.com

Tips for First Time Renters

Welcome to Missoula! Whether you will be a student at the University of Montana or joining our vibrant workforce, our community welcomes you.  It is every young person’s dream to have a home to call their own during their college or post high school years and strike out on their own. 960 more words


Dryer Vents are one of the most overlooked dangers of a home!

 If you haven’t touched your dryer vent in the last three years PLEASE take a look to see how the lint is stacking up on the other end of that hose!   46 more words

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Sharing Internet

Internet for $20 a month! Sounds dreamy, right?

This is possible if I share my Internet with my neighbors. We literally live on top of one another, so the signal should be perfectly fine. 65 more words

Financial Literacy

Add Pizazz To Your Place...Inexpensively of Course!

There are many savvy ideas out there for the budget, and time conscious decorator. However, not knowing where to start can be a little stressful. Additionally, if you are a renter,  living in an apartment or temporary situation may impede on your designer dreams. 522 more words

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