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You Can Still Build Wealth If You Are a Renter

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“The typical, median-income prospective homeowner today could generate over 50 percent more net wealth over the next 10 years by renting and investing instead of buying a home.” 36 more words

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Pay in Cash

A conversation with a renter…

Me: Are you aware that this house is in foreclosure?

Man: Yeah, I heard somethin’ about it.

Me: Ok, well, just make sure you and your neighbors keep paying rent and make sure you pay with a check or money order so you have a receipt. 78 more words


Single-Family Housing Poised to Take Off in 2015

A growing economy, rising household formations, low mortgage rates, and pent-up demand will help single-family housing production rev up in 2015, while a growth in renters will keep the multifamily market at cruising altitude or higher, 109 more words

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The Bell Witch: Adams, Tennessee

Ghosts, haunts, spirits and apparitions have always played a rich role in the folklore of America. Tales of the supernatural abound, some of then documented by unimpeachable sources. 595 more words

How To Prevent Headaches

Keep a diary for a couple of weeks. Every time you have a headache, write down what you ate at your last meal, what activities you were doing when it started (reading, running, ect.), and how long it lasted. 59 more words

Owning a Home: Tending to the Temporary

As I prepare for my weekend, maintenance of the apartment looks like cleaning, vacuuming, or washing dishes–not really maintenance at all. At no point have I thought, “Wow, this door really should be upgraded” or “I need some new light fixtures for the bathrooms”. 1,009 more words


Real Estate: A Renter's Market?

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