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Originally published in Business Ireland, the quarterly magazine of Dublin Chamber of Commerce.

Writing Samples

Britz - The Rental Company From Hell

It was our last day of the road trip to Melbourne. We were already freaking out because we had to return the truck by 3pm, and at the rate we were going we were going to be late – a $200 fine. 860 more words


Learning from #PepitoTheStudio

Remember the last time I told you that I was moving to a studio? Well, I’ve been living there for about three weeks now and.. it has been tricky! 271 more words


Finding a Flatmate in London

When you move to London the idea of buying your own house or flat becomes an unreachable dream, a reality privileged a few. Actually, renting a card boxed sized studio flat in zone 6 to live in alone ( 460 more words


Side helping of 'marriage' with your 'lease' registration?

Renewing our lease was on my ‘must do’ list before ‘rewarding’ myself with the trip to The Netherlands.

Lo and behold this remarkable feat was accomplished the day of my flight and I gotta admit, either I’ve become completely adapted to how things work here (probably) or this process might just be becoming less painful and complicated than it used to be. 299 more words

Every Day

US Land was Free for Europeans at One Time. The internet is Free Today. What is the Next Frontier?

We absolutely need another new frontier to explore or we will be facing more wars. The land battles were pretty bloody, but everything got settled for a while. 297 more words

Searching for a Rental Home in Maricopa, AZ?

Are you looking to rent a home in Maricopa Arizona?

Renting a home in Maricopa, AZ has its benefits.  Sometimes you are just not quite ready to buy.   601 more words