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Another Fine Mess: US Rents Outpace Household's Ability To Pay

This is another fine mess! The ability of American households to pay rents for apartments/housing is declining as rents rise and wage growth is flat. 27 more words


How does java support instance variables of java enum constants?

I know that in Java an enum constant is implicitly static final variable. But the enum class can have an instance variable say size. So each… 93 more words


Keeping Track of Rents and a Hot Tip from HMO Landlady

How do YOU track your rent payments?  If you have a few properties, the due dates and tenant names are probably buried in your subconscious to be flagged up on or around the day the payment is due.  877 more words

Being A Landlord

Where does the actual java code reside if I export my jar without the source file?

I am familiar with the jar structure and it will have a .class files in the classes directory as well as META-INF directory containing the information to… 90 more words


A Generation Unable to Fly the Nest - the Letting Boom in the Busted Marketplace

Recent news has told us that half of those aged 20 to 24 still live with their parents, unable to raise the funds to get on the housing ladder or even to rent. 340 more words


Living in Your Car, Making $5,000 a Month

Having grown up in New York City and lived in Hawai’i, I am no stranger to exorbitant rents. The only thing more impressive than the price of a studio in a five-story walk-up in Harlem is the kind of real estate you can command almost anywhere else, for the same price. 686 more words


"Ridiculous rents" are Keeping Landlords Very Happy

David Slade of The Post and Courier has an article on some crazy rents tenants are paying in CHS to be in great locations, following some comments on a developers comments on “ridiculous rents” being paid.  131 more words