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Respect the Feels pt 1

I’ve been waiting to speak on this for a long time. It’s taken so long, because I have had to heal. Grief sucks. Losing people sucks. 721 more words


Dent Erasers LLC - Paintless Dent Repair Walnut Creek - Mobile Dent Removal - 925 357 9240

Dent Erasers LLC – Paintless Dent Repair Walnut Creek – Mobile Dent Removal – 925 357 9240


Repair The Fourth R

A lawnmower, a weed whacker, a convection/microwave, and a big hurking battery. Meet four of the items that fell into disrepair when I couldn’t pay the mortgage. 1,152 more words

Shoe Repair (and Hitler)

This week I’ve been thinking about shoes. Especially broken or worn out ones. Shoes are generally one of those things that are really difficult to fix yourself and hard to remake into something else. 739 more words

Yosh Stories

Is Ukraine planning to start World War III ?

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko announced another partial mobilization, the decree for which is being prepared in the Presidential Administration. This time, the mobilization will not cover the rotation of military fighting in the Donbas region. 339 more words


T-Cut Original & Metallic

Ideal for restoring older paintwork!
T-Cut Original & Metallic Colour Restorer are efficient and hard-wearing. They eliminate oxidations and blemishes, and remove light scratches, whilst cleaning the paintwork of tar, tree sap, insect deposits and other unwanted marks. 21 more words

The Benefits of Using Local Phone Repair Services

A few years back, laptops and notebook computers were everyone’s must-have gadget. Now everyone wants his own Smartphone or tablet computer.

Of course, laptops still continue to be important for more heavy-duty computer work, but Smartphones and tablets are gaining more and more laptop-like functions with every update. 428 more words

HTC Repair Service