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Student Loan Repayment in the News This Week

Raysha Duncan, Financial Aid Administrator and Purdue Alumna

Student loans are all over the news right now. Why? May 2014 grads are rapidly approaching repayment for their student loans! 338 more words

Student Loans

Alabama repaying $70 million in debt

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) – Alabama is whittling down the debt it owes to a state trust fund for money borrowed during the recession.

Gov. Robert Bentley announced Thursday that the state will repay $70 million to the Alabama Trust Fund from fiscal 2014 revenue. 91 more words


Student Loan accepting work has been completed in early November will be unified payment

September 16, reporters from Jiaozhou City Board of Education Student Financial Assistance Management Centre has learned that in 2014 the National Development Bank of students receiving student loans to credit the work was completed a few days ago, this year’s Student Financial Assistance Management Centre for a total of 248 families with financial difficulties Students apply for the students to apply for student loans. 828 more words


Student Debts

I recently graduated from university with a Bachelor of Commerce. This fancy piece of paper cost me about $40,000. Out of that, I am responsible to pay the government back a little under $20,000. 438 more words

Broke Bachelorette

Day One...


You probably are wondering why I decided to write about my debts on an internet forum and frankly the answer is because….Because I want someone to be accountable to, because I don’t want to burden or bother my family and friends with constantly updating them on my goals and because I want your feedback. 257 more words

Bad Spending

A few days away from being debt free

And a few months away from taking on a whole lot more debt!

I made a decision that even though I’ll have to cut back quite a bit on other things, next payday I will pay off the full balance on my credit card leaving me with £0 debt. 342 more words

Adverse Credit – We've All Heard Of It, But What Does It Mean?

If you’re one of those lucky people who have never missed a single credit card or loan repayment, then you don’t need to worry about the term ‘adverse credit’. 833 more words