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I PAID OFF MY CREDIT CARD! Goodbye, furnace debt!

Goal #1: CHECK!

I paid off my credit card on Friday.  I feel like I won the World Cup myself.  Sorry, Germany, it was actually me.   565 more words

Month Of Financial Recovery And Wellness

Net Worth and Financial Independence

My net worth is negative, it’s been negative since I started law school, well maybe not for the first semester, but definitely after the first year. 315 more words


The Definitive Guide to Pay As You Earn — A Federal Student Loan Repayment Plan

From WiseBread New Graduate Help Center: Reyna Gobel, Student Loans Expert

In the past few years, the federal government introduced several new student loan payback plans that base payment amounts on borrowers’ income, aimed at helping these borrowers pay back their loans without being crushed by debt. 2,068 more words



There is often the question: How can I make things right?

Not That Easy

I come back
back to your failed scheme
everything vanished beneath the confusion… 23 more words


July Progress Report

Progress Report

  • Govn’t Student Loan:
    Start: $4,500  -  Now: $0
  • Credit Card:
    Start: $2,000  -  Now: $0
  • Student Line of Credit: (Goal: $17,000)
  • 223 more words

May Your College Memories Last As Long As Your Student Loans

We’re all so eager to get jobs right now. All of us. Probably because we want to get started with our lives but also because we want to figure out how the hell we’re going to pay back all of what we borrowed in student loans. 357 more words

Research, Research, Research

Before I even set this CRAZY goal  for myself, I did tons of research on student loan repayment and there is a few things I think every recent graduate should know. 380 more words