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Pregnant nothingness: An interview with Chikako Morishita

This Friday, Kupka’s Piano clarinetist Macarthur Clough gives the Australian premiere of Chikako Morishita‘s solo clarinet work Lizard (shadow). Chikako has kindly taken a moment of her time between composition deadlines and… 437 more words


Thoughts on Varese's Density 21.5

Varese’s Density 21.5, composed in 1936, is a piece which definitely sits in the realm of modernism. Other 20th century flute pieces, such as Debussy’s Syrinx, or even the Sonatas by Hindemith, Martinu and Poulenc, while being “different” and having a musical language which is obviously distinct from the “classical” tradition, remain “pleasant” to the ear, and in that sense “approachable”. 439 more words

30 Days of Music Tidbits: Day 4, the 1% Percent Factor

How much of the classical repertoire do we actually perform or listen to? This question is prompted by a remark baritone Luca Pisaroni made after a recital he gave in DC last (for which I wrote the program note). 1,013 more words


You've made the virgin Mary into a boy...

The dangers of world music repertoire!

One of my choirs likes to have a song for the tenors and basses, and another for the sopranos and altos into their concerts. 233 more words


Self-Publishing My Christmas Song: Part 5

“Kisses Beneath the Mistletoe” is now fully launched!

(This post follows on from the previous post Self-Publishing My Christmas Song: Part 4)

Scores are available… 310 more words


Old enough for Beethoven (and to vacuum)

Ms. Alt did not let me play Beethoven sonatas until my final ABRSM exam. She did not believe Beethoven’s sonatas were appropriate for young students because Beethoven’s intensity was “too much for young minds.” 797 more words