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This is a potentially fraught topic, but an essential one because competition is currently such a popular option for aspiring singers to gain exposure. I’ll mention a few things that my students and I consider, and hopefully they’ll inspire your thoughts. 479 more words

Upcoming Recital: Music for Horns and Organ

On Tuesday, October 7th, I’ll be performing my annual faculty recital. The venue for this performance will be First Presbyterian Church of Monroe, Louisiana, which has a wonderful pipe organ in the sanctuary. 1,100 more words

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What's the Difference?

Have you wondered why I decided to call my blog “2nd Violins Rock!”? The answer is simple. I love playing 2nd violin. I’ve learned over the years, however, that there are many people (violinists included) who believe that playing 2nd violin parts rather than 1st violin parts is indicative of less.   1,152 more words


A Collaborative History of the Clarinet: Nielsen / Oxenvad

Carl Nielsen’s Clarinet Concerto (1928) was written just three years after the Sixth Symphony was finished, Nielsen at the time was suffering some illness and disillusionment both with his own lack of international success and what he perceived as the state of modern music. 304 more words

Clarinet History

Self-Publishing My Christmas Song: Part 3

Recording the song

(This post follows on from the previous post Self-Publishing My Christmas Song: Part 2)

Having written a Christmas song, the next step was to record it so that it could be made into a video and posted on YouTube. 357 more words


Songs - First Grade

Here are copies of all the rote songs that I will teach my first grade students this year.  I have converted them to PDF files for easy access. 101 more words


A Collaborative History of the Clarinet: Brahms / Mühlfeld

It was in May 1890, when Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) was just 57 years of age, that his friend, Billroth, wrote in a letter, ‘He rejected the idea that he is composing or will ever compose anything.’ (qtd Mason 1970; 219) While Mason suggests that it would have been perfectly satisfactory to close with what is arguably one of his greatest masterpieces (the Viola Quintet of 1890), it is to the immeasurable benefit of the clarinet’s repertoire that he met Richard Mühlfeld (1856-1907), clarinettist with the Meiningen orchestra. 569 more words

Clarinet History