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The Big 5: How to Practice

There’s nothing worse than getting stuck in a musical rut! Lack of forward progress can turn something as magical as music into a maddening exercise of frustration.  1,073 more words


The year that was. Because I forgot to write about it in the year that was.

It’s been a while – yes alright 10 months! – since my last post. I’m not even going to apologise. Really, what could I say – the dog ate my blog posts? 588 more words


Piano, not Netflix, on a Snow Day

Tomorrow, January 27, 2015, is going to be a snow day for most of the Northeast.

Why not spend it practicing piano? Join your friends in accumulating some nice hours at the piano. 55 more words


Life as an Amateur Percussionist

Life has a way of surprising you. But nothing would have prepared me for my first experience playing as a percussionist. I took percussion class this time last year and oh what an experience it was. 848 more words


My 21 Projects: Repertoire folder.

As the first day back at University was today, I figured it’s time to take a real stab at some of my projects, especially number 5 f my projects, which is to sort out and organise my sheet music folder. 2,279 more words

My 21 Projects

Themes for your wedding music

Are you uncertain about what music to include in your wedding? Not to worry; whether you prefer classical repertoire, opera favorites, bluegrass, jazz standards, or the latest popular hits, we can help you choose a musical theme to create a cohesive ceremony that suits your personal taste. 13 more words