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GoldenGate 12c: Initial Configuration

In our last post we have seen “GoldenGate 12c: Installation for Oracle DB” on Linux platform. Now we will do initial configuration before configuring extract and replicat on source and target databases respectively. 637 more words

Golden Gate

Bioinformatics Algorithms Course: Part 1.2

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DNA Strands Have Direction
We know that the DNA is made up of 2 strands, one being the complement of the other. 364 more words


Good Science is Replicable

From a 2013 Economist article:

A rule of thumb among biotechnology venture-capitalists is that half of published research cannot be replicated. Even that may be optimistic.

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Scientific Theory & Method

Bioinformatics Algorithms Course: Part 1.1

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Different genomes have different hidden messages. Not all genomes follow the naive example of most frequent k-mer. So we try to modify our approach. 269 more words


Seek and Destroy duplicate AD objects with CNF in the name

For various reasons, there are times when Active Directory may encounter a situation where multiple objects appear. The duplicates will be named with a CNF: on the end of the name. 142 more words


Legal confidence men

Jane Hu explains in this excellent essay why so-called “scientific jury selection” is not really scientific. But her essay misses the most compelling reason why trial consultants are basically high-priced charlatans: 16 more words