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What’s wrong with using Snapshots for Data Protection?

Snapshots are a standard feature of most storage systems today. They offer a remarkable ability to save a file at specific points in time without actually making a copy of it; in fact, they’re also referred to as “point in time copies”. 541 more words


The transaction log for database is full due to ‘REPLICATION’. “Replication not enabled.” CDC

Welcome to Monday Morning Madness. What do you do when your Transaction Log runs out of space? Let me share my most recent experience.

My transaction log had a hard limit of 2TB in size. 691 more words


The State of Deduplication in 2015

At its core, deduplication is an enabling technology. First, it enabled disk based backup devices to become the primary backup target in the data center. Now it promises to enable the all-flash data center by driving down the cost of flash storage. 907 more words


A New Harry Long Strategy and A Couple of New PerfA Functions

So, Harry Long came out with a new strategy on SeekingAlpha involving some usual mix of SPXL (3x leveraged SPY), TMF (3x leveraged TLT), and some volatility indices (in this case, ZIV and TVIX). 1,478 more words


Questionable Research Practices: Definition, Detect, and Recommendations for Better Practices

The term “questionable research practices” (QRPs) was popularized in an article by John, Loewenstein, and Prelec (2012).

The authors distinguish between fraud and QRPs. 1,806 more words


FlashRecover replication on the Pure Storage FlashArray

Last year Pure Storage introduced built-in replication on the FlashArray 400 series in our Purity Operating Environment version 4.0. Our replication offers a variety of benefits–they center around two things. 1,426 more words

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Unseeable biology

Every morning I start my day with some quick yoga, a brief catch-up of te day’s news and then a TED talk if there is time. 171 more words