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DNA Replication - Frequent Words, Reverse Complement, Pattern Matching, Clump Finding, Skewi, Mismatches

Genome replication is one of the most important tasks carried out in the cell. Before a cell can divide, it must first replicate its genome so that each of the two daughter cells inherits its own copy. 1,705 more words

Big Data

Cross site database replication and Caching

This is a follow up post to http://mysecuritythoughts.wordpress.com/2014/08/24/gtms-ltms-and-traffic-delays/.

We have been trying to optimize the performance of this solution but it was boiling down to the following piece: 329 more words

(2014-09-19) Checking The Health Of Your DC After Promotion

You have promoted your brand new DC. How do you know it is functioning correctly?


There are a few number of things you can do to determine its health. 5,361 more words

Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS)

Overcoming challenges when integrating Disk Backup Appliances with Veeam

There is a new breed of backup applications that is gaining acceptance in data centers of all sizes, including the enterprise: VM Specific Backup Applications. These solutions were designed from the ground up, with virtualization in mind and they do their best to fully exploit the virtual environment. 1,655 more words


Repetition - fabulous figs

A bumper crop of figs grown in my mother in laws garden in London.  What do you do with all these figs?  My husband made a scrummy fig and ginger jam. 28 more words


Digging more on Veeam Backup technology

I have created articles on Veeam showing its stunning power in simplicity. Kindly click on the below links to access articles.

Creating new schedule backup Job: 51 more words


How does MySQL Replication really work?

While we do have many blog posts on replication on our blog, such as on replication being single-threaded, on semi-synchronous replication or on estimating replication capacity, I don’t think we have one that covers the very basics of how MySQL replication really works on the high level. 1,207 more words