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LogDump and Understanding header information in Oracle GoldenGate Trail Files

Replication of data is always a fun thing to look at; What is replicating?!  Discussions around, How do I get data from server/database A to server/database B or even to server/database C are valid questions and are often asked by management.  661 more words


Replication in political science: why implementation lags behind the ideal

Embedding reproducibility in political science teaching is challenging. How should it be done? Which courses integrate replication studies already? And can it do harm to let graduate students replicate published work?


DNA Replication Animation

Very good animation – find that it helps a great deal with visualising the process

- Double stranded DNA is formed by 2 strands of nucleotides joined by hydrogen bonds… 258 more words

Why Not Use Cap and Trade to Reduce False Positives In Science? An Elaboration

This post is a longer-form treatment of the Cap and Trade idea for controlling false positives in science that Dave Kelly and I outlined in our… 2,702 more words

Three Key Strategies to Allocating a Data Protection Service

Post by Reliant Technologies (thank you)

Backup-to-disk is a top priority for most of the IT directors we work with. Often we find that used EMC… 75 more words


Dell Software Releases AppAssure 5.4 Data Backup Platform

AppAssure 5.4 features a slew upgrades designed to improve replication, optimize performance and reporting, and broaden platform support.

Dell Software announced the launch of AppAssure 5.4, the latest version of the company’s all-in-one backup, replication and disaster recovery software platform. 379 more words


DNA; Replication, Base pairing and the Double Helix


Firstly we must note that DNA is made up of two strands. Each strand serves as a type of template in what we would call   the production of a complimentary strand. 179 more words