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Unable to replicate between Windows Server 2008 R2

the other day I needed to update a user’s password from a different child domain in my organization and noticed that changes were not replicated across the domain controllers. 120 more words

The scientific community's Galileo affair (you're the Pope)

Science is in crisis. Everyone in the scientific community knows about it but few want to talk about it. The crisis is one of honesty. A junior scientist (like me) asks himself a similar question to Galileo in 1633: how much honesty is desirable in science? 812 more words
Richard Kunert

Checklist for a Gold Standard Replication

Many social scientists agree that replication studies are necessary to provide quality standards in research. But how does a good replication study look like? Here is the checklist I will use in my… 595 more words


How To Use Veeam A Beginners Users Guide Backup

software (language China and Hong Kong and Taiwan for the software, in English: Software) is a series of organizations in a particular order set of computer data and instructions. 307 more words


The ZOMMA Warthog Index

Harry Long posted another article on SeekingAlpha. As usual, it’s another “looks amazing at first glance, and winds up being disappointing compared to first impressions, but is still worth talking about” types of strategies. 942 more words


Replication is Riveting


Mission: To replicate a magazine layout. I selected the Table of Contents section from the June 2014 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. This wasn’t the easiest of layouts to replicate. 202 more words

Why all research findings are false

(Disclaimer: For those who have not seen this blog before, I must again point out that the views expressed here are those of the demonic Devil’s Neuroscientist, not those of the poor hapless Sam Schwarzkopf whose body I am possessing. 4,613 more words