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Why I Threw Out My School Reports

I graduated high school in 1983!  Even though Maths was not my strong suit I can tell you that was over 31 years ago.  So why, up until last year, was I still carting around my school reports?   694 more words

This Is Life

Standards-Based Report Cards: Four Ideas

My current school district is about to begin the process of examining our standards-based report cards, particularly at the elementary level. When I was made aware of this initiative, I had just finished reading… 1,077 more words

Final Internship Blog Post #2

This week was a short one after the observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. I have been really enjoying getting to know the students better and can already see them beginning to grow more comfortable with me, asking me questions, both about things going on in the classroom and about myself! 300 more words

Report Card: Sweet Clove Sunshine Cafe


Overall GrubGrade B+

The Breakdown:

Atmosphere: Grade B: It’s been a while since we’ve visited a restaurant that specializes in breakfast/brunch. We recently decided to swing by the Sweet Clove Sunshine Cafe on Sawmill road in Columbus. 733 more words

Report Cards

En Garde!

Been watching a lot of Xena lately (and it’s report card writing season). So, I decided to take a fencing class this week in effort switch up the monotony. 104 more words


Got $ from Uncle Dick and wrote to him. We got report cards. Walked to Highland Park with Mary. Had Albert Bizer for a dancing partner. I pity poor Albert!


Making their presence known...

Making their presence known, before they approach. As their dark shadows loom towards you, your blood runs cold. You know exactly why they have come, and why they keep coming every year. 379 more words