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Day 22: #30daysofbiking

There, in the background, possibly my favorite bicycle (if you don’t count the bicycles I have yet to acquire): the World’s Heaviest Fisher.

The formula for frame weight is pretty simple: start with a 1-1/4-inch Evolution headset, increase tube diameters to match and make sure those tubes are the same thick, straight gauge throughout their lengths. 172 more words

Report From The Road

Day 16: #30daysofbiking

I don’t know how the bike didn’t fall over when I backed up to take the picture. It was so windy I could see the trunk of the tree moving–just above the saddle. 307 more words

Report From The Road

Day 12: #30daysofbiking

What central Illinois lacks in hills, it makes up for in wind, especially in the spring when the weather is rushing around, trying to make up the mind it doesn’t have. 125 more words

Report From The Road

Day 6: #30daysofbiking

Continuing the Twitter-promoted goal of riding every day in April. Today: First day in shorts and second day riding with a friend.

Could this be the highest handlebar bag ever? 8 more words

Report From The Road

Day 3: #30daysofbiking

It’s a Twitter thing. Ride every day in April. Doesn’t matter how far or for what. And today, it wasn’t far. Still, it was nice to have a flock of geese for an audience.

Report From The Road