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The #Ferguson Aftermath is Another Example of the War on #Journalism

by @anarchyroll

There are many issues going on in Ferguson worth examining:

  • Race relations in America
  • The militarization of police
  • Urban inequality
  • The line between civil disobedience and riots…
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"Something Out Of Nothing": Obama's 'No Strategy' Moment Is A Non-Story

It’s all so predictable. As expected, media pundits are having a field day dissecting President Barack Obama’s statement yesterday that, when it comes to dealing with the Islamic State (the militant group also known as ISIS), “we don’t have a strategy yet.” That sentence came in response to a journalist’s question regarding whether Obama needed Congress’ approval to go into Syria militarily, and came… 915 more words


Inside the Newsroom:  What Reporters Like About Newswires

By Hannah Kelly, Editor, Business Wire Paris

Commercial news distribution services (aka Newswires) have been in existence for over fifty years, their durability proving their utility. 303 more words

Business Wire

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As a small business owner, whether or not to use news distribution services, aka Newswires, to announce your news is a growing concern. Is it worth the cost? According to a recent survey conducted by Business Wire Media, it is. Read on to find out what reporters like about newswires.

CNN's "Rush To Judgment" Might Show Them Up For Fools Once Again

Was CNN pranked yet again by that infamous Howard Stern show fan, Captain Janks aka Tom Cipriano, when they played an audio of a sexy online chat with ten shots going off in the background supposedly in Ferguson, MO at the same time as the Michael Brown shooting?

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I am afraid of success.

Yesterday I told you I am afraid of failure.

Well I’m also afraid of success.  I know the two are opposite.  You can have only one, and not the other, but as I’ve said before feelings can contradict each other. 818 more words

"Stop Complaining About Obama’s Golfing": It’s Not About Optics, It’s About Doing Your Job

Of course, Obama is hardly the first president to vacation – President John Adams took an amazing eight months off in one year in office, and President John F. 820 more words


The Times of India just instituted a bizarre Twitter and Facebook policy

Hundreds of journalists working at the Times of India and its sister publications have received a peculiar request from their employer: hand over your Twitter and Facebook passwords and let us post for you. 877 more words