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Reporter takes soccer ball to the head, admirably continues reporting

Kelli Tennant was reporting from Los Angeles Galaxy-Vancouver Whitecaps game for TWC Sportsnet when an errant ball in warmups hit her square in the back of the head. 36 more words


4* Review: Santa Wore Leathers - Vonnie Davis

Continuing my out of season reviews  with this gem from Vonnie Davis a delightful read.

 Take one man-shy reporter, a gorgeous ex-Navy SEAL turned firefighter, add in a thong-stealing dog… and Christmas will never be the same again! 392 more words

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My Spark

My Spark (Day 14′s Retro poem)

Swirling, whirling, dervish
I wish this world would stop
Give me a chance to catch my breath
My head’s about to pop! 57 more words

Berry Beat (POEMS)

Why do reporters today need to know how to shoot and edit?

It’s no secret that today’s world of journalism is changing. Many reporters have to go to do their stand up alone. The world of having a cameraman come with you is slowly dying. 270 more words


Spying is a Window into Another World

By Kristi Belcamino

Reporters are nosy.

It goes with the job description.

And it is probably a small part of why reporters decide to jump into the journalism rat race. 388 more words


Are Reporters the Best Writers?

Hosted on Joe Bunting’s site “The Write Practice,” a post by myself takes a stab at writing-like-a-reporter.

The Write Practice is a site full of writing advice from a number of self-publishers, bloggers, and writers. 71 more words


Non-Existent Non-Partisan Non-News

When I was a kid, back in the olden days before the internet was accessible by the average American, one got their news from either their nightly broadcast or the morning paper. 731 more words