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Parents and Kids Take to 22nd Street on Cycles in Support of Bike Lane in Fairmount

By Kenneth Lipp

Today dozens of parents and children rode bikes, individually and with up to 3 in-tow, pedaled up 22nd Street from near Pine all the way to Brown, in Fairmount Park. 528 more words


Heard it on the grape Vine?

Could Vine revolutionise the way in which journalists tell a story?

Should journalists use Vine more as a reporting tool? Or is the 6 second duration too restrictive for journalists to tell a story in depth? 9 more words

Canadians Class Act in Tragic Time

Fallen Soldier Did Not Die Alone

by G G Collins         ( Copyright 2014)

As Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, 24, lie dying at the base of the National War Memorial in Ottawa, five strangers tried to save his life. 159 more words

Philly Police Publish Data on Officer-Involved Shootings, Advisory Commission Issues Memo Regarding BB Gun Incidents

By Kenneth Lipp

The Philadelphia Police Department has posted to its website a variety of data regarding Officer-Involved Shootings (OIS) in its jurisdiction, for the 5-year period 2007-2013. 846 more words


First Time Now Again

Walking the vineyard in A.M. Fall engrossing all steps. Color palate adjusted purposefully, for me, I have myself believing. I feel like a traveler from Iowa or North Dakota or Canada visiting ‘wine country’, my first time. 32 more words


How Star Wars made me a better journalist

“You must learn the ways of the Force…”

Part of why I love the original Star Wars is the way it took a big story and made it small. 1,037 more words