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Maintaining a professional persona on social media as a journalist

One of the first things that I learned in journalism school was how to look presentable on all social media outlets. This is clearly important considering the modern media landscape where news and information is transmitted to the masses through the Internet. 349 more words

How to be interviewed

In a recent piece on the blogging site Medium, freelancer Rob Boffard gives advice on how to be interviewed. He makes a good point about something we should all remember: Many of the people we approach from day to day have never faced the business end of a journalist before. 707 more words

Writing Techniques

Technology advancements extend to phone systems

Advancements in information technology solutions change the way businesses communicate with their customers. Customers expect instant reactions. The internet is how many people socialize and run their business because they can make their mark and relay information rapidly around the globe. 780 more words

Best Practices

This Teacher Learns a Few Lessons

A while back, one of my Basic Reporting students turned in an assignment that certainly wasn’t perfect, but had undeniable news value. Locura Sana Fitness, a Facebook page launched by the student and two friends, had built a following of more than 10,000. 218 more words

Obamacare decreases the percent without insurance

I wonder when we’ll actually see things like this reported:

Overall, 11.8% of U.S. adults say they got a new health insurance policy in 2014. One-third of this group, or 4% nationally, say they did not have insurance in 2013.

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Sanctioned Russian bank opens its doors in Crimea

Russian Bank Rossiya, the subject of US sanctions in March, has wasted no time in returning a message of business as usual to the US. 549 more words