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Using Nexus Repository Manager as the only developer in my network?

There are some topics, which i discussed/searched a solution for through the Stackoverflow over the past years. Occasionally I need some of them again and again, that’s why i wanted to summarize those here, and this is one of them. 678 more words

Dependency Management

Merge local git repo with the openshift one

Openshift has its own git repo for building/deploying app, so we do not want to push twice and maintain 2 local repo for project.

the approach to choose here is to clone your other git repo (ex. 237 more words


menambahkan repository dan service project spring mvc

Menambahkan repository dan service untuk project spring mvc yang diintegrasikan dengan spring data jpa dan hibernate entity manager


q> Langkah-langkah di bawah ini untuk melanjutkan tulisan sebelumnya :

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Adding Spotify to Ubuntu

Spotify is a great way to listen to music by streaming it on your phone, in your browser, or on your Linux desktop. You can stream everything, upgrade and sync tracks and playlists offline, or purchase individual tracks to keep forever. 62 more words


Exploring 3 - docker

More unreliable ruminations -

When Docker started to make a splash, I took a quick look at it, you know, the basic tutorial. All very nice, but not too much depth. 1,031 more words

Adding New Library To Maven Repository

Sometimes, you find a custom library on the internet, or create it by yourself for something special. Probably, you cannot find those kind of libraries in maven repositories and add your maven dependencies for your maven based projects. 183 more words