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The Repository Pattern on LINQ

What is the Repository Pattern?

The repository pattern provides a way to provide isolation between the data access layer of your application with the business layer. 523 more words


Forking with Github

Why Fork?

I collaborate on a couple of projects with a friend of mine using Github. Generally he creates most of the content but asks me to check or test it before using it in teaching. 413 more words


ReCollect: a research data plugin for EPrints

The ReCollect plugin for EPrints was released at the end of the Research Data @Essex project in 2013. Based on customisation work undertaken while developing a pilot research data repository at the University of Essex, ReCollect offers a low barrier route to deploying such a service, allowing for the deposit, review, publication and presentation of research data collections. 671 more words

DataUp is Merging with Dash!

Exciting news! We are merging the DataUp tool with our new data sharing platform, Dash.

About Dash

Dash is a University of California project to create a platform that allows researchers to easily describe, deposit and share their research data publicly. 733 more words

Data Sharing

Configuring AWR Warehouse (AWRW) in EM12c

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12cR4 introduces the new “AWR Warehouse (AWRW)” feature, permitting administrators to consolidate AWR statistics from many individual databases managed by OEM into a single AWRW repository database. 1,636 more words

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