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Review: "Captain America: The Winter Soldier"

While thinking about this blog post, I originally thought about titling it “Captain America and the Negotiation of 20th Century History,” but I decided that might make a better journal article title, so I opted for the simpler “Review.”  Boring it may be, but it cuts to the point. 634 more words


Review: Ms. Marvel #3

Do these have titles? I’m not sure these have titles.

No spoilers!

Back again with Ms. Marvel! I hope not every issue (and review) will be focused on Kamala Khan’s “Muslim superheroine” status, but again, that’s what makes the comic notable at this point, and this issue brushes up against her religion in a more explicit way. 562 more words


"The only difference between suicide and martyrdom is press coverage." -Chuck Palahniuk

My recommendation to you this week is not a comic, or even a book, but a movie. And it’s a romantic comedy at that. Weird, right? 270 more words

A Woman is not just a Woman

Dear pulp fans and 20th century lovers,

as time goes by, my semester reaches the end. We already learned a lot about pulp magazines – a genre I was not even aware of when the semester started. 132 more words

The deepest suggestion and critique I have for mainstream, mainstream-practicing feminists, and #FemFuture is to be utterly transparent and aware of voice and specificity. This is a US-centric, western culture dominated conversation with a targeted constituency.

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Ladies Who Need More Love: Clara Webb (Byzantium)

In this article series, we have set out to identify and discuss female characters that we believe can be great characters, but whose potential has been overlooked or ignored by writers, fanbases, and the mainstream media. 2,914 more words