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What’s wrong with a good old fashioned clip round the ear?

Well everything really – but back in the good old days when there was a Dixon of Dock Green on every street corner (check out… 414 more words


Public Prime Minister's Questions?

In his recent of many reinventions, Ed Miliband outlined his idea of creating a Public Prime Minister’s Questions where the public will be given the chance to question the Prime minister on any issue.   240 more words


Week 9 Discussion: Abstraction & Representation

What is a painting?  This is a painting:

I don’t know.  Just like how I don’t know a lot of things.  Call me old fashioned but, when I think of painting,  I think of a brush and paint. 368 more words


A Landscape and a Street Portrait (Burton)

I brought my paint stuff with me to work on a Friday planning to cut out early and get in a painting, but that did not pan out. 386 more words


Week 9: Discussion

Artist of the Week – Eva and Franco Mattes

This week we had two artists, Eva and Franco Mattes. Their style of art is pranks. Not just any type of prank but something that forces people to think. 288 more words

Art 110

‘Portrait photography is performance, and like every performance, in the sum of its effects, it’s either good or bad, but never natural or unnatural.

I know that this idea – that portraits are nothing more than theatrical representations – unsettles people, but there’s also a kind of artificiality to it that conceals the truth about the sitter.’ 20 more words

Words To Remember

Sun in the Midst of a Storm.

Unfortunately this week, I’ve had to take some time off from editing because of technical issues with my computer. It’s been a little hard but tolerable since going through this before. 254 more words