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Representation of the Working Class in TV Drama; This is England '86 (This is also not cheating)

This is England ’86 is set in the eighties, which, thanks to the Thatcherite policies of the time, had one of the largest class divides in England of the last century.   199 more words

Representation In TV Drama

Terrorists, damsels and other lies. The danger of a single story?

The BBC is seen as a trusted and impartial reporter which perhaps explains the contradictions in its profile of Hamas (BBC, 2014) which talks about the groups designation as a ‘terrorist organisation’ alongside it ‘democratically taking power’ and ‘delivering social programmes’. 812 more words


Representaion of the Working Class- This is England 86'

Although many of the characters in This is England 86′ are either unemployed or have a job that we ourselves do not see, the few characters we do see at work are represented in several ways. 373 more words


Christ the King (alt. Reign of Christ) Sunday

Hi, Gang!

Here’s a thought: “Religious language” is uncommunicative, not only because it is metaphor, but because the metaphors are sloppy and obscure the reality they are trying to reveal. 265 more words


Your voice, your choice of representatives ...

all mean nothing. The progressive liberal POS has decided to govern by executive order.

Before his term is over he will ignore Supreme Court decisions that impede his agenda.

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Are There Enough Mirrors in Children's New Media?

In a previous post, I have described a conversation I had with my colleague Jane Fleming, Ph.D. on culturally relevancy and children’s media.  To help convey this message, in her presentations and… 522 more words


Representation of Working Class - Lightfields

Lightfields is a super-natural drama which was directed by Damon Thomas and aired in 2013. Lightfields follows three different families who all live in the same house in three different time periods 1944, 1975 and 2012. 446 more words

Representation In TV Drama