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... when yo' warrior prototype is enuff

- or “Ten speakers you could invite once you graduate from the idea that strategies for successful resistance movements, the deconstruction of eurocentric imagery, mental decolonization and/or knowledge of pre-colonial Subsahara Africa are best presented by African-American men.” 96 more words


The UK Map of White Male Power

I have a lot of time for Ampp3d, the Mirror’s witty, data-driven blog. They’ve compiled a map of UK White Male Power, looking at the representation of women and ethnic minorities in parliament over the decades. 84 more words


Diverse Worldbuilding with Minor Characters

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m writing again after several months of research paper stuff, and I keep getting distracted by minor characters. However, this is really a feature, not a bug! 705 more words



I am not a person who’s very comfortable of how weird I am. I know I’m different but I’m not one who shows it off to people whom I haven’t sniffed weirdness off of or hanged out with for more than a day. 253 more words

"On the Poverty of Our Nomenclature"


Eileen Crist. 2013. Environmental Humanities, Vol. 3, pp. 129-147.


URL: http://environmentalhumanities.org/arch/vol3/3.7.pdf


This paper examines the recent proposal to christen our geological epoch “the Anthropocene.” The reasoning offered for this new name is that humanity’s enormous mark on the geological strata would be a discernible boundary to future geologists; therefore a change in nomenclature is called for to reflect our transition out of the Holocene (our epoch’s current formal name). 1,162 more words


Hey Parenthood - Stop Saying it's Okay to Harass Women

Spoilers ahead. Though I am just playing catch-up, myself.

I have a major problem with Max Braverman’s (Max Burkholder) recent storyline on Parenthood. I was wary of where it would go after he develops a crush on classmate Dylan (Ally Ioannides). 585 more words


women against feminism (WAF) tumblr is nothing to worry about. the coverage of it is.

as i scrolled through the 4,500 posts from the “women against feminism” tumblr page, a sense of dread gripped me by the uterus. at first glance, it looks like the bedroom scribblings of an adorably oblivious tween, dotting her ‘i’s with hearts and listening to rebecca black while weighing up the pros and cons of team edward vs team jacob. 617 more words