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Leaked CIA report reveals Obama ignored intelligence, escalated drone strikes

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For immediate release: Fri Dec 19, 2014

Obama escalated US drones despite CIA document arguing strikes ineffective and risky… 235 more words

A moment's reprieve. That is all but short of asking for the world.

When you have a rheumatic flare up, it can be agony! It can be torturous! Not in the sense you might think of when being in pain, but rather the limitations that this pain can bring about. 382 more words


Reprieve: UK's Theresa May claims ignorance of renditions

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For immediate release: Mon Dec 15th, 2014

Home Secretary’s comments on torture raise more questions than they answer

Commenting on the Home Secretary’s appearance before Parliament’s Home Affairs Committee today to answer questions about UK involvement in torture and rendition, in the wake of last week’s US Senate report, Donald Campbell from human rights charity Reprieve said: 180 more words

#DiegoGarcia: UK's bargaining chip?

Diego Garcia guards its secrets even as the truth on CIA torture emerges | World news | The Guardian

“Until we have got to the bottom of the UK’s part in the CIA rendition programme, it is hard to see how renewing the US lease on the island can be justified,” said Clare Algar, executive director of Reprieve, which represents a number of people who were rendered by the CIA. 52 more words

A Woman of Words in A Time of Reprieve

My assignment for Week One of Writing 201–a WordPress seminar–was to interview someone.  I agonized. I dithered. To whom should I talk?  There were so many possibilities, so many fascinating people, so many stories I would really love to hear and to share… 4,318 more words


Torture Report: It's Not Just The CIA, But A Global & Structural Problem

In the light of the Senate Committee’s Torture Report, we’re all keen to criticise the CIA. But 54 countries were involved in rendition and torture, and they all need to come clean about their involvement. 1,306 more words

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Reprieve: why CIA torture report excludes accounts of child victims of rendition

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For immediate release: Tue Dec 9, 2014

CIA torture report a ‘good start,’ but child victims of rendition absent… 451 more words