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Death, thou shalt die!

So Jesus was dead.

Nobody at that time doubted that he really was dead. But just a few days later people were saying they’d seen him alive. 393 more words


Tell me true, tell me why ...

“Tell me true, tell me why was Jesus crucified…
is that a hint of accusation in your eyes?”
Roger Waters, “The Post War Dream”

1… 488 more words


Sit with the Dead

“I don’t think she’s breathing!”

It had been the dining room before they had installed the hospice bed, had scurried in with the paraphernalia of a sick room, had hoisted a dying woman carefully but without ceremony onto the sheets and covered her in blankets. 1,604 more words


Fur Pockets

Once, after the mouse exploded the cat’s eyeballs and fricasseed its tail on a spit in hell, cartoons moralized senselessly. Orco was wrong because he lied… 450 more words



We start the dialogue hearing the last word close itself

first vagina yawn

the mood swing is mine, ok, fine
every piece of angst… 105 more words


A Girlfriend for Prufrock

A not small, not ugly, not quiet, not clumsy gal,
Prone to corners, hiccups, sauces and wine.
Occasionally invited,
But, as a guest, addressed only once and not by all. 103 more words


Baby Girl!

På lördag är det bröllops- och Kalasmässa här i Mariehamn. Och jag har blivit tillfrågad att skapa lite kort till olika festliga tillfällen tillsammans med… 90 more words