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Judgment Day

Woohoo! I STILL HAVE A JOB! (For now.) Eat $#!+ Rick Perry.

Thank you Judge Lee Yeakel!!!

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If We Gave Men the Same Rape Advice We Give Women, Here's How Absurd It Would Sound - Mic

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There are a couple of interesting things in this article - the nail polish that changes color when it comes into contact with date rape drugs and the turning around of things that are told to women to prevent rape. I have really mixed feelings about the nail polish because it does reinforce the idea that it is women's responsibility to not be rape as opposed to men's responsibility to not rape, but it could be a legitimate tool to stop someone from having to go through a terrible experience (if it works) while we're still working on eliminating rape culture. It becomes a balancing act between being sensible and encouraging complacency with rape culture.

things people still don't want to talk about

about 2 weeks ago, my second column on health and wellness- Break the Taboo Against Abortion Now- was published in Stabroek News. there were *zero* comments on the article online, and the only response i got was this letter- … 280 more words


The Price of Our Blood: Why Ferguson Is a Reproductive Justice Issue

This article takes on a recent event and applies a reproductive justice lens on it. It talks about how what happened in Ferguson is related to women’s reproductive justice because having and raising a child in the U.S. 51 more words

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Reproductive Justice statement by YWEP

This statement is about how YWEP sees reproductive justice through their sex trade lens.

“Young Women’s Empowerment Project is a project by and for girls and transgender girls in the sex trade and street economies.” 64 more words

#Tzedakahstraightupnoice Challenge Day 7 - #faithaloud

When I was 12 or 13 years old, I had an injury on my foot that required a few stitches.  My mother called a family friend from the synagogue who was a pysician. 255 more words


The Loneliness of the First Trimester

On Thursday, I was pregnant. Seven weeks and six days of gestation. This was a very carefully timed, meticulously planned, and surprisingly quickly achieved pregnancy. On Thursday, I was happy. 3,029 more words