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Why I Didn't Attend the Conference on Life

H*yas for Choice’s rally Saturday in opposition to the Cardinal O’Connor Conference on Life received some criticism. Some people posted comments online and others beseeched us as we tabled and rallied outside. 983 more words

Reproductive Justice

Why reproductive justice is so important!

I have already written a blog about abortion and a woman’s right to choose and have power over her own body, but in light of the recent anniversary of… 358 more words

Self-determination, Disability and Anti-Colonialism or Self-Determination as Disablism and Colonialism

I am going to spend a lot of this post critiquing the idea of bodily self-determination but this is not to say that I don’t think it is incredibly important – I do. 3,308 more words


Pro-Life Advocates Didn’t Want Me to be Born

I was conceived in a loving union. My parents were thrilled to find out they were going to have a child. My mother delivered me in Georgetown University’s Women’s Hospital just over twenty years ago. 522 more words

Reproductive Justice

Abortion Access Under Attack 42 Years After Roe

Yesterday marked the 42nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion. But abortion is still not a reality for millions of women, especially those with limited economic means. 855 more words

Hey Georgetown, Your Conference is Racist!

Damon Clarke Owens, a breakout speaker who is leading the Theology of the Body: Building a Culture of Awe and Wonder discussion at this Saturday’s Cardinal O’Conner Conference on Life, is the current Executive Director of the Theology of the Body Institute and has also served as National Spokesman for L.E.A.R.N. 702 more words

Reproductive Justice

Breastfeeding article posted on MSU bioethics blog

In Murphy’s Breast: Lactation Law and Advocacy in 2014, I discuss four instances in which breastfeeding parents found themselves affected by law and advocacy efforts last year. 416 more words

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