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The Importance of an employer's religion in controlling male sexuality

By Eli Valley in The Nation (Behind a wall).


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People who support laws that control women's bodies would have hissy fits over similar laws controlling men's bodies.

Being At One with Desmond Tutu

It’s almost like being on the side of the angels, claiming kinship-by-association with Desmond Tutu. Ever since the retired Anglican bishop, South African social activist, Nobel laureate and all-around pretty saintly gentleman came out in favor of this writer’s cause, Death with Dignity, it’s been a cause for celebration. 519 more words

“Because Words Are Not Enough: Latina Re-Visionings of Transnational Collaborations Using Health Promotion for Gender Justice and Social Change.”

This article talks about the creation of Nuestros Cuerpos, Nuestras Vidas and how Latinas were originally left out of the book. It talks about whether Latinas are considered “third world feminists” or US feminists. 31 more words

Sexual Health Education

New efforts to criminalize substance use and pregnancy repeat racist history

My latest article for Colorlines is about the new efforts to criminalize pregnant women for substance abuse. Sadly these kinds of efforts are not new, nor are they actually helping moms or kids. 307 more words

Reproductive Justice

Quick Note: Light Posting Here, Heavy Posting Elsewhere

It’s election season in Arizona again, which means I’ve rejoined the nefarious underground of citizens in support of candidates who stand for such “extremism” as: 83 more words

Pushing the Vacation Mode Button

Ever had a vacation plan come unhinged? You get to the hotel and the reservation was made for last week? The great aunt brings two cousins who don’t get along? 506 more words


Why I love Backline and why you should too

Today, the basics. Next week, more.

What is Backline? I’m glad you ask. Backline is a non-profit organization that promotes non-judgmental, unbiased and unconditional support for people in all their decisions, feelings and experiences with pregnancy, parenting, abortion, adoption, infertility and pregnancy loss. 1,026 more words