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Has the 113th Congress embarrassed Americans ...

just another rant  …

So, over 50% voted to keep President Barack Obama for a 2nd term, Republicans had their carpets pulled up from under them as they professed right up to the day we were informed that PBO won both the electoral and popular vote that the Romney/Ryan ticket won. 635 more words

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A Crafter's Take on the Hobby Lobby Decision

Author’s Note: The Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision could not have come at a worse time. Right before the 5th of July, AKA one of America’s major “Morning After Pill” holidays? 1,141 more words

Cultural Issues

Satanists Try to Turn the Hobby Lobby Decision Against America

Last month, in a customary 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court handed down its verdict on the Hobby Lobby case. The sensitive and forward-thinking majority of the justices, the ones who believe corporations deserve civil rights (as well as freedom from various taxes and criminal liabilities), decided to extend to the new master race first amendment provisions of free religious expression. 578 more words


Women won't be fooled by GOP attempts to hide anti-woman policies

In the understatement of the century, the New York Times reports that “Republicans acknowledge that their communication on women’s issues has been inadequate.” Their solution involves training candidates to try putting a sheen on their unappealing policies: 713 more words


Tell the Senate: Pass the bill to reverse the Supreme Court's attack on Black women's healthcare

Arisha Michelle Hatch, ColorOfChange.org

The Supreme Court gutted Obamacare’s protections for Black women’s health but now there’s something we can do:

The Supreme Court gutted Obamacare’s contraception coverage. 497 more words
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On the meaning of pro-life

Dear Dad,

Thanks for your post in response to my post on abortion (whoa this may be getting too meta).

I’ll admit I didn’t always support abortion access, Dad. 647 more words


Why I take birth control & how Obama understands

****TRIGGER WARNING: Sorry mom/other family members, if you’re reading this, but I’m also not because there’s no reason to be. Yaknow?

About a week ago I started taking birth control. 1,125 more words