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Alma Blue Ball Pattern 5.110-41745

Deep blue, bubble like tile pattern. Do they feel slightly reptilian?


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A Way Out

by J.C. Piech

The corridor mimicked the Martian landscape; linoleum flecked with rusty reds and dusky pinks, and the color on the walls a dull yellow like the alien sky. 2,049 more words

Short Story

Re: Lizard People Information : Reptilian Stories - BILL RYAN DAVID ICKE JORDAN MAXWELL


Here is an impromptu exchange of stories round the dinner table
in a restaurant with David Icke and Jordan Maxwell. You can hear the… 275 more words


Brochure for Future Prospects

I was thinking before bed.  Well, I was in bed trying to fall asleep but thinking about “stuff”.  Then I had rejection dreams all night.  Rather unpleasant.   834 more words