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We couldn’t be more excited about tonight’s event! This has been in the works since before Satellite opened. The idea was partly inspired by watching the BBC Krautrock Documentary. 257 more words



I was born in Chile. A recent trip back home took me back to nature and childhood memories of summer days observing grasshoppers and lizards. These pictures are now a nice reminder of those lazy days.

Maria T. Candia

Thank you GOD! And Thank You To Our ‘Collective Union’ Of Universe Tribes!


To my Blue and Orange sector Tribes Of The Universe Crew, may GOD protect and bless you ALL!

I thank you!

TO THE PEOPLE OF EARTH… 53 more words


Mammals inherited night-time living from their reptilian forebears

Recent research suggests that mammals have been nocturnal, living it up under the cover of night, for longer than they have been truly mammalian.

Many species of mammal are active during the night, leading scientists to believe that nocturnality is an ancient mammalian trait. 454 more words


Who is Branton (aka: Bruce Alan DeWalton)?

An individual known as Branton whose full name is allegedly Bruce Alan DeWalton, has been circulating some of the most: controversial, sensational and intriguing publications over the internet since the 1990’s. 5,979 more words