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Black Friday In TruColor.

They say today marks the beginning of the Christmas season. Here’s Roy Rogers and Trigger in Trail Of Robin Hood (1950), making sure every kid gets a tree. 57 more words


Dennis Prager Warns Evil is Rooted in Lies Often Told by Government, Cultural Elites

Radio Commentator Dennis Prager recently spoke at an event in London hosted by Gov. Mike Huckabee and David Lane. During his talk Prager highlighted several factors he believes are destroying democratic values once held dear in Western countries. 129 more words


Thanksgiving in America 2014

Today on this Thanksgiving, in the year 2014, let us give thanks for the free nation in which we live.  In America, “freedom… 769 more words


Nature Republic: Shine Blossom Blusher in Coral 04

Hello everyone and welcome to my review on Nature Republic’s Shine Blossom Blusher in Coral 04! If you have not checked the items from my haul please click… 330 more words


Peace In Our Time

What did I tell you? Either way the Grand Jury in Ferguson went, buildings were going to burn. If Wilson were acquitted the mob would rise in furious anger at the “injustice.” If he were indicted, the mob would rise in revenge. 525 more words


60 hours in Prague

So I’m just back from a weekend away to Prague. The home of the birth place of Kafka, the home of the largest castle in the world, the home of the John Lennon wall and the home of many controversial statues.. 453 more words


Fawad Khan for Republic Fall/Winter 2014

Fawad Khan is the flavour of the month. He’s been everywhere not that I am complaining. No one is enjoying fashion world’s infatuation with Fawad Khan as much as I am. 176 more words